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Activations: Snacking on the “Guano” of goodr’s Ecosystem

In season 3, episode 8 of CULTURE goodr, Beth Nielson, a back-stabbing wench from the sleazy tabloid television show “Back Story” arrives at West Beverly High. She tricks Brenda into helping her make a documentary about the other students at West Beverly. Idiot student (uhh we meant to say “naive,” yeah “naive”) Brenda, agrees to be interviewed, not realizing that the show will twist and edit her words out of context so that it looks like she’s basically calling out all of her best friends on national television for being a bunch of dumb, spoiled, promiscuous brats (among other things). When in reality, she was babbling on about how truly amazing they all are. Aww, that really gets us in the feels. Oh yeah, Steve also gets a legacy key to the high school, but no one cares about Steve. Sorry Steve. Dangit. Looks like we got so caught up in the drama at West Beverly that we screwed up again! Sorry about that. (Also, we desperately want to know if you are team Kelly or team Brenda when it comes to Dylan McKay. Please slide into our DMs.) Speaking of Kellys...

Kelley is our Octovations flock leader/ringmaster. In season 3, episode 8 of CULTURE goodr, Shaun and Stephen do a deep dive on the Octovations Team (aka Activations). We don’t know if you know this, but goodr is not a “lifestyle brand” -- it’s an active eyewear brand. We make fun, functional, fashionable, ‘ffordable sunglasses for athletes. We don’t want to talk to everyone like giant “lifestyle brands”!!! We want to create connection and hype while building community so that we have rabid, wonderful customers and fans that all feel connected to us. That’s where our Octovations team comes in.

Kelley was kind enough to take a small break from chasing people in a Bigfoot costume and running gear in the woods long enough to join Stephen and Shaun on the ‘cast. (We swear she was only doing that for work, not because it’s like a hobby or anything like that.) We also learned that she hasn’t sneezed in like a week, so you can probably sit next to her safely without risk of spray-age, but she may show you pictures of her spirit animal (her dog Tuna), or try to talk to you about The Wonder Years. J/K, she has literally never done that when we’ve had the pleasure of hanging with her. Before joining goodr, she worked at Paramount Pictures and Media. She oversaw all of their TV/digital outdoor planning for all domestic releases. A couple of years ago she was coaching a marathon team with NutriBullet, where she met Steven. Coincidentally, that's also where the inception for goodr took place!

So, Octovations... We obviously love Krakens here at goodr and there's eight team members on the Activations team, so “octo” just makes sense! They have their tentacles, errr hands, in a lot of different things. Their two core values are preparation and connection, and their primary objective is to create connection with our different communities. Currently on the team, we have five community managers who oversee our different verticals and we have our cabana lead. (We will be opening up a new Cabana location on Abbot Kinney soooon. It is going to be LEGIT.) We also have our social strategist on the team who works super closely with all of our community managers on the social side of things. Their official areas of focus are connection, expertise, cohesion, and hype.

But how do they make this magic happen?!
Be sure to check out the episode to find out!!

You can look forward to riveting topics such as: How did Octovations pivot during the pandemic? What has been Octovations’ biggest shitstorm? Learn the steps we take from having an idea for an activation to making it exist in the real world!! Find out how we stay true to the brand while participating in all of these different activations!!! Will they ever become Squidovations?! And more!!

And of course, we wouldn’t leave you hanging without Kelley’s cheat codes for Octovations/Activations:

1.Just being bold and not afraid to take risks. If we want to grow, we're going to have to try some outrageous things from time to time. We might fail, but that's okay.

2.Be super organized and very efficient with our time. We don't have time to waste!!

3.Thinking “current” is super important for all of our verticals, ie what's happening in each of the spaces what's happening in social media? And what do we need to do to stay up to date and be a part of that moving forward?

So, the next time you’re running in the woods and you spot a ‘Squatch wearing a sports bra, just yell “Hi, Kelley!!!” & ask her if you can try one of her epic s’mores bars.

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