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goodr goes to the Penn Relays

goodr goes to the Penn Relays

Seeking stardom, Carl the Flamingo made his pilgrimage to Philly. It was a long hard journey, rife with struggle and personal failures. Would he ever be a track star?! One morning, he woke up hungover in a junkyard bathtub to the annoying sound of an errant newspaper flapping in the breeze. It had caught on his beak and was struggling to free itself. He pulled it from his face, irritated and bleary-eyed, and reads the headline. This was surely a sign from the universe!!! A massive track fest would be happening in the city?! Could this be his big break?! He gives it a final stab for his chance at fame. Turns out, he's pretty solid at the whole running fandom thing and feels majorly loved. Here, you have to see it to believe it. (Don't worry, we fast-forwarded it to the good parts...)