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Warranty And Care Tips


Although all goodr sunglasses are all expertly made and carefully tested in our natural lagoon before we release them into the wild, sometimes “flamingo droppings” happen. That’s why all U.S. purchases of goodr sunglasses are backed by our 1-year warranty.

Unfortunately, due to global supply chain delays and issues we are currently unable to issue lens replacements. We hope to be able to offer this solution again in the near future!


Not that we think you’re taking a Brillo pad to your goodrs BUT... to keep your goodrs in pristine condition and from showing signs of natural wear and tear, we recommend:

  • Keep them in the microfiber pouch when not in use.

  • Snuggly laying them on a gold encrusted pillow at night, will also ensure longevity.

  • Using a gel based lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth...the pouch they come in works wonders.

  • Mild soap and water and gently patting dry with a soft cloth, also works!

  • Avoid harsh waters on the lenses: Salt water, pool water and mosquito-infested swamp waters are not recommended



    While goodr CEO, Carl the Flamingo is in NO WAY educationally qualified, after binge watching 6 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy he fancies himself quite the little hobby doctor.

    If you follow this link, we’ll get them all checked in to Carl’s Infirmary as a warranty then get you set up with replacements:


    No worries! Just contact the correct customer service team for the country you're in from our list below. If your country of residence isn't listed below then we unfortunately can't complete a warranty service request for you at this time.

    Country Contact
    The Netherlands


    Prescription Orders

    All prescription lenses produced through a order are covered for scratches made during normal use and any coating defects for the first 3 months from the date you receive your lenses. For customer who purchase the Lensabl lens protection plan during check-out coverage is extended from 3 months to 12 months.

    • This protection plan does NOT cover scratches stemming from dropped frames, improper lens care, or lens cleaning with any substance and accessory other than Lensabl provided cleaning kit.
    • The lenses will be remade per the original order. That means that you cannot request to change the frame used, lens type/material/AR or the prescription. If you would like to make changes to the frame used or lenses, that would be treated as a new order and there will be a cost to do so. There are no exceptions to this.