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The 1% for the Planet® program is a global movement that inspires commitment and action so that our planet and future generations thrive. Since 2018, 1% of goodr’s annual sales, not just profits, go directly to environmental nonprofits working towards making our world a better place. And in that time, we have a lifetime giving total of over $2.5M.

1% for the Planet also works to prevent greenwashing, certify reputable giving, and provide accountability for environmental giving. As a proud 1% for the Planet member, 1% of all goodr’s annual sales go directly to environmental organizations. 1% for the Planet certifies every donation to ensure we meet that commitment.

Carl wears goodr's These Shades are Trash, made from all recycled plastic

Where does the 1% go?

Educating and empowering the outdoor community to take action to protect their passions.

Ensuring the preservation and propagation of the endangered Giant Panda.

Rescuing and rehabilitating injured and orphaned native wildlife.

Protecting the Greater Los Angeles coastline and restoring the waterways.

Restoring and protecting the world’s coral reefs through partnerships with local communities.

Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization.

Delivering innovative solutions for protecting and developing California’s State Parks.

The Future of Sunglasses has the planet in mind...

And so does goodr

Summer of 2020 goodr released our first pair of shades made from recycled plastic as a Co-Brand with 1% for the Planet. Although goodr did not personally send its employees to walk around and harvest the trash to create these sunglasses, their team regularly participates in numerous volunteer events, which often result in the collection of trash! (Brownie points?) The tiny pieces of plastic used to craft these sunglasses come from facilities where single use plastics are collected, sorted, cleaned, and melted into plastic pellets. It’s from here that the once trash finds its way into a sunglasses mold.

goodr’s CEO, Carl the Flamingo stated, “SQUAWWWWWKKKKKKKKKKK!!! SQUAWK SQUAWK, SQUAWK. SQUAWK.” Which roughly translates to, “We will continue to work towards a long term solution when it comes to the use of recycled goods in our products.”

Why is this soooo important?

Why is this soooo important?

Slowing climate change and reversing the effects can’t be done solely by the groups dedicated to the cause. Such a task requires everyone, every organization, to be mindful of the collaborative relationship they hold with the planet and take action to help solve these global problems. goodr is a sunglasses company. It’s what we sell and we’re damn good at it. But at our core we are also keenly aware of the impact we make as an organization on the planet. This partnership with 1% for the Planet allows us to turn the relationship we have with the environment into a collaborative one.

About goodr

We exist to give you permission to be unabashedly yourself… unless you’re an @$%*^!&. We make the best sunglasses, for only $25 and $35, that speak to the four F’s: Fun, Fashionable, Functional, and Ffordable. They don’t slip or bounce while running, beasting, biking, golfing or gaming… but if you’re an @$%*^!& they might burst into flames so watch out.

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