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In August 2020, a ragtag group of goodr gamers splurged on Nintendo Switches and started playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Originally, it was just a fun way to connect. With Rona raging, we couldn’t travel anywhere or hang out with each other in real life. But on AC, we could visit each other’s gorgeous tropical islands and playfully slap each other with nets. Together, we got into crippling debt to Tom “Crook” Nook. We crafted. We collected. We gardened. We played the Stalk Market. We traded Bell farming tips. We built beautiful virtual homes that made our real homes look like trash.
This innocent diversion soon grew into a monstrous beast, like Gregor Samsa in Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphoisis. (Woo! This copywriter’s B.A. in Literature is totally paying off!) Our Game Shark, Theresa, got the brilliant idea to pass off playing video games as work -- we mean, bring the goodr brand into an innovative new space. So, she created goodrland, an island representing goodr’s brand, culture, and characters, plus all five verticals. (Well, almost all five. We still need those damn DIY instructions for golf.)

Take a trip to goodrland

In the video above, feast your eyes upon goodrland! It has everything: Flamingo Mountain, carved in the shape of our avian CEO, Carl; a Carl avatar, designed to resemble our human CEO Stephen Lease (manbun + kimono + monocle); an ‘LLTK’ sign and doghouse to represent Stephen’s dearly departed Basset Hound, Bosley (Long Live The King); the name ‘goodr’ in letter-shaped islands; pink flowers; flamingo furniture; a beach campsite; a racetrack for RUN; an obstacle course for BEAST; bikes for BIKE (duh); arcades plus Switch in Carl’s house for GAME; a T-Rex fighting a Triceratops to represent the PH-Gs (coming soon); a pink ostrich neighbor named Flora who looks a LOT like a flamingo; and this paragraph is long enough, holy crap, so let’s just end it now, cool? Cool.

We will open the goodrland gates for the community to visit at some point. Stay tuned! Until then, you can goodr up your game with our Animal Crossing patterns -- QR codes available here. Soon, you can visit our gorgeous island, and playfully slap us with nets. Because even though the real world has opened back up, it’s still fun to escape it.


If you don't have the patience to wait then the next best option is to start dreaming about goodrland by checking out our island with the dream code below >>>


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