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Every year, we celebrate Pride Month by creating rainbow flag-inspired sunnies. Don’t believe us?! In 2018, we released Don We Now Our Gay Apparel. In 2019, we released Let Me Be Perfectly Queer. In 2020, we released LGBTQ+AF. In 2021, we released The Gang’s All Queer. And this year we released Pride and No Prejudice. (Okay, we missed 2017, but back then goodr was basically three dorks living in a yurt in Slab City, GIVE US A BREAK.)

Many people celebrate Pride Month by wearing a flamboyant outfit, putting on glitter that won't come off for weeks, and cheering for the kings and queens serving lewks on the floats. (GET IT!!!)  But Pride isn't just about attending a parade, complaining about the phone reception, and taking hilarious ironic selfie pics in front of the ridiculous protesters. It's about supporting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. 

How can you support the LGBTQ+ community, you ask? Listen to their stories. Learn about debunked myths and insidious stereotypes. Remember trailblazing activists. Speak out against powerful people that use their platforms to spread hate. Don’t be a fake woke “ally” who says cringe-worthy stuff like “I don’t date trans people because they expect me to be all for the cause.” (Ugh.) And NEVER ‘sashay away’ from fighting for LGBTQ+ rights. 

All proceeds for Pride & No Prejudice go to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.


LGBTQ + AF Origin Story

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