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How to Choose Ski & Snowboard Goggles: Buyer's Guide

How to Choose Ski & Snowboard Goggles: Buyer's Guide

ski and snowboard goggles buyers guide - goodr

Looking for ski and snowboard goggles but feeling overwhelmed by all the options? We’ve got you covered!!! Below, we’ll walk through how to choose ski and snowboard goggles.

Breakdown of goodr Lens Technology

When we set out to create Snow Gs, goodr’s line of snow goggles, we dug deep into what lens technology goes into creating the best ski and snowboard goggles. Here’s what we found.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT)

Before we go deep into lens tech, we have to start by explaining an important concept for snow goggle lenses: Visible Light Transmission or VLT. This is the percentage of light that can pass through the lens. The higher the VLT, the more light can pass through it.

High VLT vs. Low VLT in Snow Goggles

  • A High VLT lens lets more light through, making them great for low-light conditions—high VLT, great for low light.
  • A Low VLT lens blocks a higher percentage of light, making these great for bright, sunny days—lower VLT, ideal for bright light.

No Fog

We’re not against getting steamy at the aprés-ski, but it’s absolutely essential to have fog-free goggles if you want clear vision on the slopes. (And trust us, you definitely want that.) That means having an anti-fog coating on the inside of your ski goggles lens is crucial. Every pair of Snow G snow goggles has an anti-fog coating on all lenses. “ALL lenses???” you ask. “As in, more than one?”. Well, my stellar slope dweller, read on to learn more.

All Conditions

The thing about the weather is that it’s known to change. (We know, sweet facts, right?) So that means the bright light reflective lens that’s perfect for cutting glare during the brightest hours of a sunny day isn’t going to be the best choice for cloudy days or the end of the day when the sun starts to set.

We know what you’re thinking– you just dropped a ton of money on snow goggles, and now we’re telling you to spend even more money to buy another lens? LAME. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why our Snow G snow goggles come with TWO (count ‘em one, two!!!) lenses.

Meet Your Snow G Lenses

  • Bright Light Lens: This lens has a lower VLT that can stand up to the bright, harsh overhead light, and the polarized, reflective lens is excellent at blocking/deflecting the horizontal light that causes glare.
  • Low Light Lens: This amber-colored lens has a higher VLT and lets more light pass through the lens. This is perfect for cloudy days or getting one last run down the hill before they shut down the lift for the evening.

Swappable Magnetic Lens System

Okay, so now you know that you’ll get both a bright-light lens and a low-light lens included with your purchase of Snow Gs, but how do you switch between the two of them? Is it difficult? NAH, MAH BRAH, it couldn’t be simpler. Our Snow Gs have a magnetic lens swapping system with a super secure grip that keeps your lens on the goggles until you’re ready to swap them, then lets you easily switch between them.

All Fun

We’ve covered several functional things to look for when selecting your new pair of snow goggles, but that’s now the whole picture. Your snow goggles should make you look as epic as you feel. You heard it here first, folks: Fun. It matters, especially in recreational activities. That’s why we made several colorways ranging from vibrant to sleek and classic looks that can perfectly complete your look.

goodr Frame Size & Fit

When it comes to goggles, size does matter.

goodr frame size and fit - goodr

Universal Fit (AKA No Slip)

It can be hard to figure out what size goggles you should wear, but you definitely want a good fit so they’re not slipping down your face, causing you to adjust them constantly. We wanted to simplify the process and ensure everyone could use Snow Gs and adjust them to fit their needs comfortably. All Snow Gs come with an adjustable strap lined with an inner silicone grip to let you adjust your snow goggles and have them stay put– no matter the size of your noggin.

Peripheral Vision

Part of the appeal of skiing and snowboarding is taking in the entire snowy expanse around you while you carve up the slopes. So you don’t want to let your goggles give you tunnel vision by restricting your peripheral vision and generally making you feel claustrophobic AF. Snow Gs have a wide lens to minimize limiting your field of vision and leave you with premium optical clarity.


Anything you wear on your face should be comfortable– especially if you’re wearing it on your face while careening down a snowy hill. From a foam inner liner between your face and the goggles frame down to the soft lens pouch for carrying your second lens, comfort was a big priority when we designed our Snow Gs. Plus, the goggles come with a hard carrying case, so not only will you be comfortable while you’re wearing them, but the goggles will be snug and safely stored when you’re not.

Our Snow G Lineup of the Best Ski & Snowboard Goggles

Check out our roster of Snow G snow goggles: perfect for everyone from the bunny slope bomber to the double black diamond daredevil.

Bunny Slope Dropout

bunny slope dropout goggles - good

Like a bright pop of color in your gear? Looking for the perfect pair of pink and blue snow goggles? Then Bunny Slope Dropout Snow Gs were made for you!!! They come with a reflective blue lens for bright light and an amber lens with high VLT for low-light conditions. The pink adjustable strap adds the perfect accent of vibrant color to help your look pop on the slopes. 

Like all of our Snow Gs, Bunny Slope Dropout snow goggles have an anti-fog coating on the lenses and vents above and below the lens for maximum fog prevention.

Apres All Day

apres all day goggles - goodr

Dig a classic black-on-black look? Do you live in stealth mode? Is timeless your literal middle name? Apres All Day Snow Gs are your perfect pair of snow goggles. The adjustable strap comes in sleek black, and you’ll get both a black lens for bright light conditions and an amber lens for low light.

As with all our Snow G snow goggles, you’ll receive a soft storage pouch for whichever lens you’re not wearing, a hard case to store your goggles safely, and the adjustable strap has a special silicone grip lining to make sure it stays in place.

Here for the Hot Toddies

here for the hot toddies goggles - goodr

Skiing and snowboarding? They’re great, obviously… but we know the real reason you showed up: to rock that hot toddy body like your life depends on it at the aprés-ski. Bring the party to the slopes with our orange and black snow goggles, Here for the Hot Toddies. The reflective orange lens for bright light brings an awesome pop of warmth to your look, while the amber low-light lens gives you protection no matter the elements. The green strap is adjustable to create a universal fit, and the vast field of vision gives you a front-row seat to Mother Nature’s mountain rager.

As always, all of our Snow Gs have a legendary magnetic swapping lens system that allows you to quickly and easily switch between the two lenses included with your goggles, but the firm magnetic grip makes sure they stay in place until you’re ready to swap.

Final Thoughts

There are many factors to consider when finding the best snow goggles for you and your unique needs. Make sure to find something that will fit well, be comfortable to wear, has extreme anti-fog protection, has lens options for multiple conditions, and looks like something you’d want to be seen wearing.

We spent countless hours researching and perfecting our Snow G snow goggles to check every box on that list for just $75. Yup– you read that right. $75 for high-performance snow goggles with style. (No need to thank us, but our CEO, Carl the Flamingo, never says no to a shrimp cocktail.)

Contact Us today if you would like to learn more about which of our snow goggles are best for you!


How do I know what ski goggles to get?

Check out all of the info listed above to make sure you get a pair of goggles that can fit your face comfortably, won’t fog up, and have options for multiple weather conditions.

How do I find good snowboard goggles?

goodr, duh. Sure, we might be biased, but that’s because we spent countless hours perfecting our Snow G snow goggles to make sure they offer all the top high-performance benefits you want at a price people can actually afford. So, like we said: goodr, duh.

How to choose ski goggles for beginners?

Lens technology, fit, colors, light conditions: finding the best snow goggles can be daunting, especially for beginners. goodr’s Snow G snow goggles offer an easy entry point into the sport by providing the same incredible benefits for every pair. Here are just some of the Snow G benefits:

  • An adjustable strap with a unique silicone grip lining to give a universal fit.
  • Two anti-fog lenses, one for bright light and one for low light.
  • A magnetic lens swapping system to make switching between lenses easy, but keep them firmly secured when in use.
  • A variety of fun colors to choose the perfect pair for your style.
  • An affordable price point so that cost isn’t a barrier to having high-quality gear while you find your footing on the slopes.

And that last point is worth taking seriously. You don’t want to settle for cheap snow goggles that could fog up or slide off your face, but beginners simply don’t need the absolute most expensive pair you can find to get exceptional quality and performance. 

Does the quality of ski goggles matter?

Let’s rephrase: does the quality of the only thing protecting your eyes and ensuring you have clear vision while you’re speeding down a hill alongside trees and other people matter? IT SURE DOES. That said, there’s nuance to finding the best pair for you, and there’s a lot of over-engineered snow goggles with a high price tag made by companies who want you to believe you have to drop hundreds of dollars for quality goggles.

Check out the Snow G for next-level performance with multiple anti-fog lens options for just $75. Trust us, you (and the trees and skiers surrounding you) will be glad you did



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