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Beach Sunglasses Buyers Guide

Beach Sunglasses Buyers Guide

Shop goodr’s AWARD-WINNING beach sunglasses. No slip. No bounce. Polarized sunglasses w/ UV400 protection.



The best beach sunglasses ever? Your words, not ours.

Which Sunglasses Are Best for the Beach?

Your tote bag is packed to perfection. Sunscreen? Towels? Flip flops? Wide-brimmed beach hat? You’ve got ‘em all. You need a pair of sunnies that will match your top-notch beach game. There are plenty of places that claim to have the best polarized sunglasses for the beach or the most affordable beach sunglasses– but why? How? SHOW ME THE SCIENCE, DAMN IT!!!

That’s why goodr’s team of expert beach eyewear science researchers make it easy– every single pair of goodr sunglasses are:

• No Slip
• No Bounce
• All Polarized
• All Fun

Cool features, bro. But what about the style, the cost, the ~ViBe~ of it all?!? Well, we’ve got some good news, my friend, because our beach sunglasses (AKA all of our shades) are also:

• Fun
• Functional
• Fashionable
• 'Ffordable

Did we say fun twice? Yes. And we meant it twice. It’s kind of our whole thing.

Are Polarized Sunglasses Better Than UV Protection?

They’re technically two totally different things. Don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you...

What Are Polarized Lenses?

A lens coating that blocks horizontal light waves to block glare and give you crisper, clearer vision.

Why Are Polarized Sunglasses Good on the Beach?

Simple. Remember those horizontal light waves we mentioned that cause glare? They’ll pop up on anything that reflects sunlight. When you’re on a tropical vacation, do you want to see the rolling blue ocean waves crashing against the majestic sandy shore or be blinded by sunlight reflecting off the water, the sand, and that bald sunbather’s shiny noggin? Exactly.

What Is UV Protection?

UV Protection is created through a lens coating that refracts sunlight to filter our UVA and UVB rays from penetrating your precious peepers and pelting you straight in the cornea.

Polarized Sunglasses vs UV Protection– What’s Better?

So, which one should you choose next time you’re hunting down sunglasses for a beach vacation? Wear goodr sunglasses and you’ll never need to know. That’s because ALL of our shades come with polarized lenses that have UV400 protection (AKA the strongest UV protection around). That’s right you’ll have crisp vision protected from the very top end of the UV spectrum. We got that top-of-the-line, baybeee!!!

What About Devil’s Advocates?

First off, send Satan our love. But if you love ultraviolet eyeball radiation and want– nay need– the piercing sting of puffy red eyes that feel like you already got sand in them before you step foot on the beach? Well, my dear hellspawn, you should skip sunglasses altogether to feel that sweet pupil-melting magic ASAP. Also if this is the first time you’re realizing this article isn’t for you, we’re concerned.

How to Find Beach Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Buying sunglasses online can be tricky. If you’re in the Los Angeles area you can always swing by The goodr Cabana to try on all of our styles in person and see what feels best to you, but if you’re looking for beach sunglasses from afar, you’ll want to keep your face shape in mind.

Sunglasses for Every Face Shape

First and foremost, if you like the style of a pair of sunglasses– congrats!!! They’re perfect for your face, regardless of shape. Feeling like a badass is the most important thing to consider for all fashion decisions. Looking for a shape that looks good on every single face shape? You’re in luck!!! Aviator sunglasses like our Mach G sunnies are flattering on every face shape. Feeling a little extreme? Our WRAP G full wraparound sunglasses are also an epic choice for every shape. As a general guideline, going for sunglasses frame shape that contrasts with your face shape is a good way to go, but read on for specifics about your unique noggin.

Best Beach Sunglasses for Round and Oval Faces

To contrast with a round face, look for a more square or rectangular shape:

• Like a classic shape and versatile everyday look for your daily oceanside run? Try our Bosley’s Basset Hound Dreams OG Sunnies.
• Want something a bit bolder with a pop of color for a beach party? Try our Kitty Hawkers’ Ray Blockers Mach G Shades.
• Got a wider noggin? Try our wide-fit sunglasses, the BFGs.
• Have a petite noodle? Go for our slim-fit sunglasses, the LFGs.

    Beach Sunglasses for Diamond, Triangle, and Square Faces

    Complement your angles with some round shades:

    • If you like a timelessly stylish black-on-black beach look, we recommend the Breakfast Run to Tiffany’s sunnies with a high-contrast lenses to increase ground visibility.
    • Feeling a little hipster and love some color to match that new swimsuit? Try our Influencers Pay Double pink-on-pink shades with round mirrored lenses.
    • Want a full wraparound look with a bright color to rock on the volleyball court? Check out our Save a Bull, Ride a Rodeo Clown WRAP G sunnies.

    Beach Sunglasses for Heart Faces

    Accentuate those cheekbones and defined jaw with a cat eye, aviator, or round shape:
    • Want some classic beachside glamor? Try any of our stylish cat eye sunglasses, the Runways.
    • Craving the timeless aviator style with a vibrant pop of color? Go for Captain Blunt’s Red Eye Mach G shades.
    • Like a versatile hipster vibe for your beach aesthetic? Try out our tortoiseshell round sunglasses, Nine Dollar Pour Over Circle G sunnies.
    • Want a classic shape and wild color? Check out our Flamingos on a Booze Cruise OG sunglasses.

    Women’s Beach Sunglasses vs Men’s Beach Sunglasses

    When shopping for shades to prepare for your next tropical vacay, you’ll see a divide between men’s beach sunglasses and women’s beach sunglasses (or men’s lifestyle sunglasses and women’s lifestyle sunglasses– same diff). You might be wondering if there’s a difference between them and if so, what it is. FAIR QUESTION. Let’s break it down:

    What’s the Difference between Men’s Sunglasses and Women’s Sunglasses?

    There isn’t one!!! People have gender identities, but sunglasses don’t. We make sunglasses for people of all genders and all of them have the same high-performance features so you don’t have to choose between fashion or function.

    Chill, but What About Colors? Those Are Different, Right?

    Nah, my fair dude. No matter your gender, it’s all up to your preference. But you didn’t go to a buyer’s guide just to be told to go with whatever you like so we’ll give you a real answer. You should buy purple. Or no– uh, white. Orange. Pink. Gray? Or for our British English speakers, grey. Wait, f*ck– Blue!!! Obviously blue. Ugh– no, black. WE DON’T KNOW– TORTOISESHELL?!? ORANGE?!? OR MAYBE– (explodes into a billion pieces of glittery rainbow confetti).



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