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Episode 84: From F***ed to Fixed

Episode 84: From F***ed to Fixed

How do we identify and fix problems at goodr? Frequently, intentionally, and with all the right people in the room. In episode #84 of CULTURE goodr, Stephen and Shaun talk "Fucked to Fixed," our trimesterly process of acknowledging and repairing what's broken at goodr.

Just the Highlights

01:26: Past iterations of "Fucked to Fixed" as a problem-solving method

06:26: How and why F2F came to be at goodr

10:14: The pitfalls and drawbacks of using F2F as a system

18:04: Stephen's favorite quote about problem-solving that's the "why" behind F2F

21:37: Why doing the work to understand the problem was critical to a recent problem at goodr