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Brown vs Black Sunglasses: Which Is Better?

Brown vs Black Sunglasses: Which Is Better?

Welcome to the ultimate showdown between two sunglasses staples: Brown and black. When selecting the perfect shades, the color of the lenses can make a huge difference.

At goodr, we believe your sunglasses should not only protect your eyeballs from getting pelted in the retina with bright overhead light, but they should also make you look (and feel) good while doing it.

So, let's finally settle the brown vs black sunglasses debate and discover which color reigns supreme.

Does Lens Color Matter?

Before we get into the battle of brown versus black, let's take a moment to understand how sunglasses colors affect our vision. Think of them like those fancy and totally unproblematic photo filters we all pretend not to use. They enhance certain features and reduce others. (Come on, did you really think Carl the Flamingo's beak was actually that big?)

Now, let's focus on the main contenders — brown and black. Both colors have their diehard fanatics who will go to the ends of the Earth for their shades, and for good reason. Let's review each color's unique traits to help you decide when it's time to rock your finest pair of peeper protectors.

We’re proud of delivering sunglasses that combine style with functionality, so you don't get stuck with ugly high-performance shades or fashionable sunnies that fall off your face at the first sign of sweat. So, without further ado, let's get into brown and black sunglasses and find out which color will bring out your inner bangin' baddie.

The Case for Brown Sunglasses

brown sunglasses - goodr
DUN DUN (insert famous lawyer show theme here). Anyway, let’s whip out our badass detective gear and look at the case for brown or copper sunnies.

When it comes to brown sunglasses, it's all about bumping up the contrast to bring your vision to the next level — nay, the next mother flockin' universe. These warm-hued shades have a plethora of primo benefits that will have you seeing the world with a newfound clarity and style.

First and foremost, brown lenses enhance contrast and depth perception. Whether you're hitting the shore for a mid-day beach rave or exploring the mountains for a high-altitude happy hour (or a hike, you get it), sunglasses with brown or copper lenses make your surroundings pop with vibrant colors and clear, sharp edges.

But wait… there’s more!! They're also versatile enough to give you the perfect coverage for a whole variety of light conditions. From bright sunny days to overcast skies, copper lenses have got your back. And your face. You get it.

Fun fact: Brown sunglasses also have badass glare-reduction capabilities, too!!! We all know how annoying sunlight reflecting off surfaces can be. Pop on your brown sunglasses with copper lenses and say goodbye to all that vibe-killing glare. Want a classic pair of brown, non-reflective shades? Look no further than our best-selling (literally our #1 best-selling pair of sunnies) “Bosley’s Basset Hound Dreams”. Do you want a remix on a classic with brown-to-white frames and copper gradient lenses? Check out “Three Parts Tee”.

Whether you're behind the wheel of your party yacht (or car–whatever), playing a no-holds-barred game of pickup basketball with your best frenemies, or getting ready for a roof-top pool party, your brown sunglasses will keep you ready to focus on what matters: taking your smug “friend” Kevin down several pegs on the court.

We've taken popular brown lenses and infused them into our sunglasses collection. From our "Nine Dollar Pour Overs" to our "Amelia Earhart Ghosted Me”, we offer a range of fashionable and ‘ffordable options to keep you looking absolutely bangin’, all at a killer price point. Got a petite noggin? Try our slim-fit “Smaller is Baller” LFG sunnies. Rockin’ an XL noggin? “Hellhound Hallucinations” will be your new besties.

What’s So Great About Black Sunglasses Anyway?

black sunglasses - goodr
Black sunglasses
are a timeless classic that blends sophistication and undeniable coolness. If you're looking for a pair of shades that seamlessly merges with any outfit and showcases your fashionable side, then black is the way to go. Clashing? Never met her.

One of the biggest selling points for black lenses is their versatility. They're like the little black dress of eyewear — stylish, sleek, and eternally chic, like a weirdly attractive vampire from the 2010s.

Black sunglasses make a fashion statement and offer superior protection against bright sunlight. When the rays are harsh and intense, black lenses step up to the challenge, shielding your eyes with their formidable AF UV protection capabilities. Not getting eye wrinkles from squinting is pretty sick, right?

At goodr, we've curated a fashionable and fun collection of black sunglasses that caters to every type of person you could imagine (yup, even THAT guy). From our "A Ginger's Soul" to "Breakfast Run to Tiffany’s”, and our “It’s Not Black It’s Obsidian” to “Operation Blackout”, there's a pair of shades ready to up your game while providing the performance you need under the flaming sun that would definitely make aforementioned hot vampire sparkle. But what about those rocking tiny noodles? Give our “Get on My Level” slim-fit LFGs a spin. And for our big-noggin’d brethren? Snag a pair of our “Hooked on Onyx” wide-fit BFGs. And if you’re feeling wild enough to lighten the shade of your shades, you can pop on a pair of “Clubhouse Closeout” Mach Gs with gray aviator-style frames and large black non-reflective lenses.

The Verdict: Brown or Black?

Now that we've outlined the key features and advantages of brown and black sunglasses, you might wonder which color is the ultimate winner. Well, here's the reality of it all (sorry to disappoint) — it really comes down to personal preference. So, case closed. Or not really.

goodr is all about permitting you to be unabashedly yourself... unless you're an asshole. Some days, you might feel like rocking a pair of brown sunglasses to enhance your vision and witness the world's true colors. Other times, you might want to exude that aura of timeless coolness with a sleek pair of black shades.

The good news is we've got you covered no matter which color you choose. Our stellar selection of brown and black sunglasses will give you the perfect pair that speaks to your personal style and enhances your outdoor adventures.

goodr is all about making affordable, stylish, and high-performance sunglasses. So, whether you're team brown or black, we've got something special just for you.

All Colors Aside… Remember This, Too!

When it comes to choosing the perfect sunglasses, there are a few more factors to consider beyond just the color of the lenses. We want to ensure that your sunglasses look sleek and provide ideal protection and comfort.

First and foremost, always prioritize UV protection. All goodr sunglasses feature UV400 protection (top-of-the-line baybeee,) shielding your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Whether you're sipping elaborate beach drinks from a coconut and catching rays or going on a morning run, you can rest assured that your eyes are well-protected with goodr.

You also want to keep polarized lenses top of mind. Polarized lenses reduce glare and enhance visual clarity, making them the perfect addition for any beach day. By the way, all of our sunnies are also polarized, so you’ll get those sweet benefits for every pair that your heart desires.

With polarized sunglasses, you can say goodbye to grating reflections from the water or shiny surfaces. Live your best beach life while experiencing the world with crystal-clear vision.

When choosing the right pair of sunglasses for your face shape, we firmly believe that you should reach for whatever style you dig the most because, let's be real, you're going to wear the f*ck out of whatever pair is lucky enough to grace your face.

However, if you're looking for a handy guide, consider these tips to find the perfect frames:

  • Oval Face: Lucky you! Almost any style will suit your face shape.

  • Round Face: Angular frames, like square or rectangular, can help add definition.

  • Heart-Shaped Face: Look for sunglasses with wider frames that balance out your features.

  • Square Face: Round or oval frames can soften the angles of your face.

  • Diamond-Shaped Face: Cat-eye or rimless styles can complement your cheekbones.

Remember, these are just suggestions — sport whatever sunnies make you feel like the Grade A Certified Baddie™️ you are.

Final Thoughts

brown and black sunglasses - goodr
From enhanced lens contrast of copper lenses and the everyday versatility of brown tortoiseshell sunglasses to the timeless elegance of black frames and next-level protection against bright lights, both colors have benefits and unique styles.

You should always rock the sunnies that make you feel best. That’s why we offer an extensive range of stylish and affordable brown and black sunglasses that cater to both your needs and your ~vibe~ in general. Whether you're rocking a classy pair of brown sunglasses or turning crosswalks into catwalks in sleek black shades, goodr’s got you covered. Look fun, functional, and fashionable, all at a ‘ffordable price, with the sickest collection of shades in town, straight from the f*ckin’ geniuses (yes, that’s us) at goodr.



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