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Flamingo Pier Pressure Recap

Flamingo Pier Pressure Recap

We were feeling cute, so we decided to create a GIANT replica of our iconic Flamingos on a Booze Cruise sunglasses. At 20 feet x 7 feet, we’ve unofficially declared them the BIGGEST sunglasses on earth!!! (TBD if they’re visible from outer space.) Fun fact, Flamingos on a Booze Cruise was our first official pair of sunglasses.

We couldn’t just let these GINORMOUS sunglasses collect dust at The goodr Lagoon!!! We needed to plop them somewhere for the masses to enjoy. We honed in on Chicago’s Navy Pier, an iconic lakefront destination, and THE perfect backdrop for our event. (It took six strapping lads to carry and properly place them!!!)

From July 21st - July 23rd, we had a blast interacting with the thousands of fans who came through to scope our sunnies, take photos, and enjoy goodr shenanigans with Carl the Flamingo. Together with Nameless Track Club, we hosted a super fun 5K shakeout run out and back from our MASSIVE sunnies. (We even managed to give out over 10,000 pairs of free sunnies to our lovely visitors, which made Carl the Flamingo feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It could have also been gas.) All in all it was what the French call, le succès.

Even though we had to say goodbye to Navy Pier, the fun didn’t stop there. We loaded these HUGE sunnies onto a glass-walled truck for their journey home to The goodr Lagoon. The custom-branded truck gives fans an additional chance to bask in their magnificent glory as they cruise down the highway. We included a special giveaway opportunity for those who spot the glasses as they make their trek across the Country back to goodr headquarters to win a six pack of goodrs. So, keep an eye out Chicago, Denver, Omaha, Las Vegas, Los Angeles!!!

So what will goodr do with these giant glasses?! Many fans have requested a visit to their cities. For now, Carl has requested we give them a permanent home at The goodr Lagoon. We’ll probably erect these giant sunglasses on top of one of our conference rooms. You never know what Carl is thinking though, they make just make it to a city near you someday… 





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