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The Best Cat Eye Sunglasses

The Best Cat Eye Sunglasses

The Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women (and Everyone Else, Too)

Introduction to Cat Eye Sunglasses

Glamourous. Luxurious. Stylish. Cat eye sunglasses became classic for a reason: the universally flattering shape has an effortlessly timeless style.

Brief History and Popularity

First invented in the 1930s by American artist and sculptor Altina Schinasi, cat eye glasses were inspired by Venetian Carnival masks to get that elongated almond shape. All the style with none of the high-key horror of turning around to see a stranger in an unexplained carnival mask?! Sign us up!!!

Though they were created 20 years earlier, cat eye sunglasses really took off in the 1950s as a contrast to the World War II era, when women’s clothing had more of a muted, boxier aesthetic that was accessible for factory work. Enter the 1950s. The war was over, and America was reveling in celebrations of aesthetic extravagance and playful excess. (As opposed to Carl’s modern-day commitment to excess in all areas of life, which is extremely serious and unwavering.) 

So these fashionable women’s sunglasses perfectly matched other fashion trends that accentuated curves (remember those cone bras?!?), and their dramatic shape decoratively emphasized what was commonly seen as “feminine” facial features like high cheekbones. 

Are Cat Eye Sunglasses Just for Women?

(INSERT BRAKE-SLAMMING SCREECH) We know what you’re thinking– ”I thought goodr existed to permit you to be unabashedly yourself, not conform to antiquated gender stereotypes!” Not to worry, we’re right there with you!!! Although cat eye sunglasses were originally marketed primarily to women, people of all gender identities proudly rock the hell out of these stylish sunglasses these days. So if you like ‘em, you should wear 'em– no matter how you identify.

Why Cat Eye Sunglasses Are a Must-Have Accessory

Nearly a century later, cat eye sunglasses are still an extremely popular and versatile accessory for every wardrobe. They can elevate a simple look with an instantly elegant and glamorous flourish to celebrate the good things in life. Read on to see if they’re right for you.

Choosing the Right Cat Eye Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Do you love the look of cat eye sunglasses but aren’t sure if they’ll love you back? Here’s a guide to how these stylish angled sunglasses look on every face shape!!! And this would be your disclaimer that no matter what shaped face you have, if you like how you look and feel in them, then they fit. But if you want more info before making a decision, here are some things to consider:

Round Face Shape

The elegant and playful angles of cat eye sunglasses provide excellent balance to the naturally round shape of your lovely face. Do you have a round face and want a pair of classic black cat eye sunglasses? Check out our Breakfast Run to Tiffany’s Runways.

Square Face Shape

The dramatic curve, rounded bottom, and upswept browline of cat eye sunglasses nicely complement the sharper lines associated with square faces and bring additional dimension and definition to the cheekbones. Want a pair of classic tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses with a bold and vibrant pop of blue? Try these Fast As Shell Runways.

Heart-Shaped Face

Sure, cat eye sunglasses may be a universally flattering shape, but they’re a match made in heaven for heart-shaped faces. Not only do they add some additional contoured dimension to your features, but they also naturally mirror your face’s combination of gentle curves and bold angles. Want a pair of shades with a touch of wild glam that are still subtle enough to be versatile? Try these leopard print cat eye sunglasses, Vegan-Friendly Couture Runways.

Oval Face Shape

Cat eye sunglasses are a game-changer for oval face shapes. These stylish sunglasses are the perfect combo of soft angular details with a bold, rounded shape to bring new levels of dimension to your look. Want something with a subtle, versatile color that brings a classic finish to your everyday look? Give our Mind the Wage Gap Wedge Runways a whirl.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Different Occasions

Your new cat eye sunglasses are perfect for a variety of occasions. Here’s how to get the most out of your stylish sunnies, no matter the backdrop:

Everyday Wear

Bring a pinch of glamor to your everyday look with these sleek and fashionable sunglasses. By adding a more subtle color like our black cat eye sunglasses, Breakfast Run to Tiffany’s Runways, you can still make these your wear everywhere faves while elevating every look.

Beach or Poolside

Want to bring some glam to your next beach adventure or pool party? Our Runways cat eye sunglasses are your new best friend. The lightweight snug fit and special grip coating on these active sunglasses means they won’t slip or bounce even if you get splashed with water. Plus, the UV400 protection offers maximum protection from harmful UV rays. Fashion, meet function.

Formal Events or Parties

We all know the challenge of selecting the perfect look for an outdoor formal event, only to get there and realize you’re still wearing your boxy everyday sunglasses. No need to have clashing shades dim your glow. Just pop on a pair of Runways, our line of cat eye sunglasses, and let your protective eyewear elevate your look. No more squinting in pictures or sacrificing style!!!

Sports or Outdoor Activities

Active eyewear? It’s kind of our whole thing. So we made active cat eye sunglasses for athletes that won’t slip or bounce no matter how sweaty you get. You shouldn’t have to choose between high performance and high fashion, so we combined them for an instantly stylish and always functional pair of sunglasses for just $35.

Caring for Cat Eye Sunglasses

Keep your new fashionable cat eye sunglasses safe and sound.

Cleaning and Storage Tips

Want to keep those gorgeous new sunnies in pristine condition? We made caring for your active cat sunglasses simple. Follow these easy steps to keep your shades in tip-top shape:

  • Clean your cat eye sunglasses with a gel-based lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Remember that soft storage pouch that comes free with your sunnies? It’s microfiber– so it’ll work perfectly for this!!!
  • If you want to go the extra mile for your stylish new besties, you can get our Best Case Scenario protective hard case that zips shut for ultimate protection. As a bonus, it’s decked out in our signature tropical flamingo print, so it’ll be as stylish as the sunnies it’s protecting.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re an expert on all things cat eye sunglasses, let’s review some of why these are about to be your new favorite shades:

  • People of all genders look fierce AF in cat eye sunglasses. If you like the way they look and feel, then congrats– they’re for you!!!
  • Cat eye sunglasses are flattering on every face shape– seriously. The combo of bold angles and soft curves brings new dimensions and styles to every face shape in unique ways.
  • These glamorous sunglasses can elevate a simple look into a timeless, fashionable ensemble.
  • We make the best athletic cat eye sunglasses in the game, so you can have all the benefits of this elegant style of shades with all the high-performance benefits of active sunglasses that won’t slip or bounce.


What are the best cat eye sunglasses?

The best cat eye sunglasses will be equal parts fun, fashionable, functional, and ‘ffordable. (We like f words, what can we say?) Our Runway cat eye sunglasses are exactly that. There are multiple color options for people who love a more subtle look that goes with everything and vibrant statement shades for those who want something fun and wild.

Since all of our sunglasses come with a special grip coating and snug fit, they won’t slip or bounce when you sweat or move. Plus, they’re polarized sunglasses with UV400 protection to keep your eyes protected and your vision sharp. All of those styles and features cost just $35. No, that wasn’t a typo. $35 for stylish cat eye sunglasses for athletes and athleisure enthusiasts alike.

Who can pull off cat eye sunglasses?

Everyone– including you. Okay, fine, we’ll be more specific. Do you have a face? Does that face have a shape? Does that face with a shape like cat eye sunglasses? Then cat eye sunglasses are perfect for you.

How do you wear cat eye sunglasses?

Okay, buckle up because we’re about to blow your minds. To wear sunglasses, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Take them out of the case.
  2. Unfold the arms of the sunglasses.
  3. Put them on your face.
    • The front of the frame should be on the bridge of your nose and the arms of the sunglasses should slide over your ears.

That’s it!!! Congrats, you’re officially wearing cat eye sunglasses.



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