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Best Sunglasses for Big Heads: Buyer's Guide

Best Sunglasses for Big Heads: Buyer's Guide

Best Sunglasses for Big Heads: Buyer's Guide

best sunglasses for big heads - goodr


You’ve got a honkin’ noggin. So when you wear standard medium-fit sunglasses, they squeeze into your temples or look too tiny for your king-sized cranium. You’ve been searching high and low for the best sunglasses for big heads to no avail. Good news!!! goodr has designed a pair of sunglasses specifically for you: The BFGs

When we got to work dreaming up the best sunglasses for big heads, we wanted to create a pair with longer arms and a wider frame for a comfortable fit. But we know you come to goodr for stylish active sunglasses that make you look as good as you feel, so we also created a larger frame with bigger lenses for more coverage and a flattering, proportionate look. Read on to learn how you can get the perfect pair of wide-fit sunglasses for large heads. 

Why Buy Sunglasses for Big Heads?

Why buy sunnies specifically designed for your magnum-sized melon? Because you deserve it. Your sunglasses should work for you, not against you. There’s no reason to keep wasting time with uncomfortable sunglasses that press into your head or offer less-than-ideal coverage due to smaller lenses. Read on to learn everything you need to know about selecting the best sunglasses for big heads.

 What to Look For in Large Sunglasses

There’s a lot to consider when looking for large sunglasses for big heads. We’ll show you step-by-step how to select your perfect pair:

 Frame Shape and Style

The first quality you’ll look for in the hunt for great sunnies for big heads is a pair of wide-fit frames. You want something large enough to fit comfortably. That means your frames should be wide enough to put on your face without squeezing your head. You should also look for larger frames with bigger lenses that will complement your larger noggin. There’s nothing wrong with your magnum-sized melon, but no one feels as confident when wearing something too small for them. You deserve oversized sunglasses that live up to the face they’re about to grace.

 Lens Type

types of lenses for large sunglasses - goodr

As mentioned, you want big frames with larger lenses. This provides better coverage for an extra flattering fit. Our BFGs (Big F*cking goodrs) are an excellent choice for this. If you like a versatile, everyday look, we recommend our Hooked on Onyx BFG shades or our newly released Hellhound Hallucinations BFG sunnies. If you want a fun pop of color in your sunnies, try our Colossal Squid Confessions BFGs.

But you have other options too! Our WRAP Gs have a wide-fit and a bold wraparound single lens, making them a particularly stellar wide-fit cycling sunglasses option for cyclists with big heads. If you like a bright, bold pair of sunnies with a mirrored single lens, check out our I DO MY OWN STUNTS WRAP Gs. Looking for a good pair of wide-fit wraparound sunglasses designed for low-light conditions? Try our EXTREME DUMPSTER DIVING WRAP Gs with a rose-tinted lens that are equally excellent for biking or athletically rummaging through trash for sport on cloudy days.

Aviator sunglasses are also an excellent choice as they naturally have a wider fit with thin arms and larger lenses to provide full eye socket coverage for maximum light protection. (Side note: WOW, eye socket is a surprisingly visceral term. Say it to yourself. Eye socket. *shudder*.) Love a classic style that you can mix and match with any outfit? Try our brown tortoiseshell Amelia Earhart Ghosted Me Mach G sunnies with sleek, stylish brown, non-reflective polarized lenses. Want a vibrant pair to add a vibrant color accent to your wardrobe? Try our Captain Blunt’s Red Eye Mach G sunglasses.

Frame Material and Construction

This one is a biggie!!! Especially if you’re active and love getting outside to break a sweat, you need active sunglasses that won’t slip or bounce. All goodr sunglasses designed for big heads have a special grip coating and silicone nose pads that mean they won’t move around when you sweat, jump, rave, or get wild. We should also mention that high-performance active sunglasses don’t have to cost a fortune. All of our wide-fit goodr sunglasses start at just $35 and come fully equipped with polarized lenses with UV400 protection to keep your vision and eyes protected.


You don’t need to suffer with uncomfortable sunglasses that hurt your big ol’ noodle. Look for wide-fit sunglasses specifically designed for people with XXL crowns. If you’re unsure where to start, check out our BFGs, WRAP Gs, or Mach Gs to find a variety of styles and colors that perfectly fit honkin’ noggins.


 What sunglasses look good on a big head?

Wide-fit sunglasses with big lenses will be the most flattering frames for larger heads. Aesthetically, they’ll be perfectly proportional to your bigger noggin, and most importantly, they’ll be comfortable. But wait just a minute, you asked about what LOOKS best, not what FEELS best. They’re one and the same!!! And not just because being comfortable helps you feel confident. Picture your favorite outfit that you look and feel amazing in. Now, picture wearing that same outfit two sizes smaller than your actual size. Less cute, right? Exactly.

 Where to find the best sunglasses for big heads?

We obviously think goodr is the best place to find stylish, high-performance active sunglasses designed for big heads. But we think that for good reason. Not only did we specifically create our BFGs to be a comfortable, flattering fit for bigger noggins, but we also have two other active sunglasses styles (aviator-style Mach Gs and wraparound single-lens WRAP Gs) that can comfortably fit large heads, so you have style and comfort. Oh, and did we mention they start at just $35? So, you can be confident that goodr has the best sunglasses for big heads in the game.

 What kind of sunglasses make your head look smaller?

First, there’s nothing wrong with having a larger head; you just need sunglasses that are made for you. Trying to fit into anything too small for you won’t be as flattering as wearing a comfortable pair of shades specifically made for your head size. If you like an extreme, bold look, we’d recommend our WRAP Gs, which have a wraparound single lens for maximum coverage and style. If you dig a classic, timeless look, you can try out our aviator-style Mach Gs. And if you like a sharp, stylish frame that’s great for everyday style, look no further than our BFGs, the original wide-fit goodrs.




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