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Has anyone ever said to you-- “IF YOU LOVE GOODR SO MUCH, WHY DON’T YOU MARRY IT!??” Well this couple did just that. Err… well, let’s rephrase… they didn’t exactly marry their sunglasses, but instead brought the FUN of goodr to their special day. Superstar BEAST Flamboyance membr (yep, we spelt that wrong on purpose, deal with it), Dayna and Brad Lepin, are both mega fans of the brand. Read their story of love, flamingos, and beach wedding bliss:

“I was a goodr addict long before I met Brad. Of all of the sunglasses I would try to run in, goodr were by far the best. I started wearing them everywhere. Brad and I met using a dating app, he commented on one of my run posts and we found out we had running in common. Plus, he’s a Master Personal Trainer (humble brag). On our first date I was wearing Iced by Yetis, and he asked about them. When we started running together often I would bring a second pair so he could wear them. His two daughters also liked them so we would all wear them when we would go out. Eventually, I treated him to his first pair, Firebreather’s Fireball Fury.

When the BEAST Flamboyance application went out we knew our family wanted in! We are so blessed that BEAST goodr chose us (and our family) to participate in spreading the goodr love. When we first talked about getting married we wanted to run a race either before or after the ceremony, but alas, we were Corona-blocked. We decided a beach wedding was in order, and guess what, beaches are sunny! It was a no-brainer that goodr would have to be part of our wedding. In fact, flamingos were the theme! (We’d like to think we made Carl the CEO flamingo proud.)

flamingo ribbon bouquet
Our wedding colors were based off of a flamingo tie we spontaneously found and everything went from there. By some crazy luck, I found the perfect ribbon to match the tie, and even made vinyl flamingos to go on my shoes. I did my own flowers, and picked out avian earrings for all the ladies.
flamingos on shoes
The bride and groom got to pick sunnies first and then our daughters got to choose which shades they’d sport for the occasion. It was a seriously flocking good time. We just wish our sunny wearing pooch could have been there to celebrate too! We love the goodr life that we have made together and look forward to many many more sunny fun filled days.
goodr sunglasses on beaches
goodr has become a part of our family. Like Carl and the crew we like to have fun, and make a positive difference in the world we live in.”
* Written with love by Dayna and Brad Lepin

* Photo cred to the amazing Heidi Heaphy.

Dawwww! Dayna! Brad! Carl’s feathers are so so so very tickled pink that he’s been blaming excess consumption of his organic shrimp juice (spiked with vodka obviously).

If you’re looking for a unique way to infuse your wedding or special event with a healthy dose of F-U-N (hah, did you think we were going to say “shrimp juice”!??), you’ve come to the right place. goodr exists to give you permission to be unabashedly yourself... unless you’re an asshole. We make badass $25 sunglasses that speak to the four F’s: Fun, Fashionable, Functional and Ffordable. They don’t slip or bounce while running, beasting, biking, golfing, gaming, or getting married... but if you’re an asshole well... your relationship might end up cursed for eternity. Hit us up about custom co-branded sunglasses for your future events too. When it comes to sunnies, the possibilities are endless.


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