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Rock goodr Sunglasses on Zwift!


Now that we're done bragging, here's how you can get pickled too! We've partnered with Zwift for an I.P.A. mission on their run platform for the month of May. If you complete one Interval workout session, one Pace group run, and one “Altitude” workout session, you will unlock I Pickled These Myself goodrs for your avatar to wear in-game! So if you don't do it for you, do it for us... because WE WANT to be in game!

Finishers are also entered to win a pair of our new goodr Circle Gs!*

*Sorry, You have to supply your own IPA!

goodr teal sunglasses in Zwift

What more of a bribe do you need?

How about this:

Our very own goodr Flamboyance Membr Alexi Pappas, 2016 Olympian and an award-winning actor and writer, is hosting an interval run THIS Saturday, 5/2/2020. Winner will unlock the I Pickled These Myself virtual goodr sunglasses and 25 lucky Mission finishers will be chosen to win an IRL pair of them as well!

Check out this event announcement on Zwift for more deets.

goodr sunglasses and Zwift partnership
goodr round teal sunglasses in Zwift


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