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The Best Pink Sunglasses

The Best Pink Sunglasses

Our Flamingos on a Booze Cruise colorway, pink with teal lenses, were one of our original six colorways. Why?


Check out Carl, our CEO flamingo, rocking them below >>

Sing with us:

We like pink sunglasses and we cannot lie! You other brothers (and sisters and anyone else) can’t deny. When a person walks in with a pink shade on their face and a somethin somethin somethin…

Anyway. That was about to go NSFW, but you get the point.

Pink flamingos, pink sunglasses, pink ice cream, pink nosed kitty cats, pink flowers, pink for girls and pink for boys. Pink truly is a precious color. Not precious like “cute” ...precious like “MY PRECIOUS.” Respect the power of pink and it will respect you back.

For those not aware of what color pink is, perhaps you’re colorblind or color confused… pink is a pale shade of red, named after a flower of the same name. It was first used as a color name in the late 17th century. Whereas most shades of pink fall within red and magenta, with a slightly bluish tint, pink can also lean towards orange producing more of a salmon color. Another acceptable name for pink is rose, also inspired by the flower. We prefer rosé, which, not-so-coincidentally, is also pink.

For all you symbol-seekers out there, the color pink is known to represent charm, calmness, love, and optimism. It is the sweet side of red. You know, not the angry, red planet, bloody, God of War side. Pink is a lovely color from hue to symbolism, therefore making it the best color to accessorize with. And the best type of accessory? Sunglasses. Ob. Vi.

Seeing goodr is a sunglasses company, specializing in sunglasses for the active individual, we’re here to talk about our top fun, fashionable, functional, affordable (or ‘ffordable if we want to stick with the alliteration), PINK polarized running sunglasses.

Oh! Did we mention that goodr sunglasses are seriously affordable? Yes, we did, but we’re gonna say it again. AND DON’T YOU DARE SAY “CHEAP,” OKAY? What’s “cheap” about sunglasses that perform at the same level or better than whatever other brands you’ve experimented with or were thinking about testing? Our OG frames all go for $25 bucks and our larger frame sunglasses, such as The Runways, mentioned in the list below, are $35. All packaged in a nifty box with a flamingo printed microfiber cloth sleeve that also doubles as a lens de-smudgifier!

goodr’s best selling pink sunglasses will always be Flamingos on a Booze Cruise! (At least we’ll keep letting our CEO think that…) In honor of our CEO, Carl the Flamingo, these beauties are a tribute to his unbelievably pink feathers and shockingly teal eyes. They are in the classic OG style frame. Wear these sunglasses on your next run and instantly become one of a flamboyance (a flamboyance is a group of flamingos, how fun is that?! And, not to be confused with The Flamboyance our goodr brand ambassadrs...).

Runners in pink sunglasses on track
The sequel to Flamingos on a Booze Cruise are a pair of sunglasses rightfully named Hungover in the Oasis. These sunglasses are a darker pink and feature flamingo artwork printed down the arm with pink reflective lenses. They are a part of the Iconic Remix 6-pack, which is 6 limited edition sunglasses remixing 6 of our original designs. Did you hear that? Limited edition! Get ‘em before they go away FOREVER.

... Oh SNAP. It's too late.

Side rant: This seems like the right time to bring up the popular query: why do flamingos have pink feathers? We get this question a lot at goodr, because, dayummmmm our CEO has nice feathers. Compliment his feathers and hand him a ring of fresh shrimp cocktail with a stiff piña colada and he’ll love you forever. In all honesty though, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t admit that Carl’s stunning feathers have inspired many pink goodr sunglasses. They’re that pretty. Okay, so why pink? Well, flamingos are actually born with white or gray feathers. It is what they eat that gives them their pink glow. (A true case of “you are what you eat”... that’s gotta be tough…) Shrimp-like crustaceans have a natural pink dye which over time changes the feather color. When flamingos are malnourished, typically when in captivity, you can tell by their color (according to National Geographic, our go-to source for random flamingo facts, second only to anything David Attenborough has done on flamingos!). Clearly then, Carl is a well fed flamingo!

Okay. Back to Earth, by which we mean, the pink sunglasses conversation. goodr makes several different styles of sunglasses. So far, we’ve only mentioned The OG, classic frame. Introducing, The Runways! The Runways are goodr’s cateye style frame. High fashion meets high function. Finally. These sunglasses have all of the same no slip, no bounce, all polarized package, but paired with the sexy style of a cateye. It is a universally stylish look kicked up a few notches when coated in the color pink!!! These beauties will surely make you stand out and feel all the Fenty by Rihanna inclusive catwalk confidence on your next run.

One wonderfully pink cateye option with some added benefits is Rage Quit and Hit It Although we know we said that pink typically is associated with being “sweet,” well, when paired with goodr’s cateye sunglasses, cross out sweet and write in SASSY. Or STRONG. Or perhaps SCINTILLATING if you are into high scrabble scores. In addition to the above, Raqe Quit And Hit It is a blue-light blocker which will inevitably pay off with all the hours spent in front of your computer screen.

When discussing The Runways, it would be a crime to leave out the pair Gopher A Flamingo. These cateye frames are a part of goodr’s golf sunglasses line, along with Sand Trap Queen mentioned above. Ah yes, now the name makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? Sand Trap. It’s like that “before and after” category on Wheel of Fortune. Sand Trap/Trap Queen = Sand Trap Queen. Oh. No one under the age of 87 watches Wheel of Fortune anymore? Cool, cool. Where were we before we were so rudely interrupted > Right. Gopher A Flamingo features a pink flamingo print with a black background and rose gold accents. The lenses on these sunglasses have a lovely rose tint and use goodr’s patented golf-specific Flamingo Eye™ Technology to improve contrast on the course.

If pink lenses are what you’re looking for, check out these latest and greatest, clear frame sunglasses with mirrored pink lenses. Designed to camouflage RWF, or RBF. Witches and bitches, you're welcome.

The pinkest of the pink sunglasses are surely Becky’s Bachelorette Bacchanal. Hot pink frames and pink reflective mirrored lenses, these sunglasses scream, “I (HEART) THE COLOR PINK!” And the heart emoji that would be used in that sentence is obviously the pink one. These ridiculously pink sunglasses were surely inspired by a deliciously drunk bridesmaid at a Sin City bachelorette. Let’s face it, Vegas brings out the best in all of us.

The team at goodr loves the color pink so much it made sense to write a tribute to our favorite pink products. Plus, Carl is always looking for a platform to brag about his luscious pink feathers to the masses. Instagram keeps blocking his feather pics. Not quite sure why. Thankfully, you can still peep his stories for a feather fix. We know that sounds weird, but Carl insisted we write it.

Don’t you feel happier now? We do. Pink is a happy color. To us it says fun and playful. goodr has always focused on keeping running fun, thus making pink an excellent color choice for your new favorite pair of running sunglasses. If you are looking for pink running sunglasses, or are on the hunt for fun, affordable pink sunglasses in general, or you just like reading random facts about flamingos jammed into the middle of an article made to improve our SEO, we hope this article helped you find exactly what you were searching for. You can thank us for all of the useful information by visiting our product page specially created for fellow pink sunglass lovers right here.



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