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A Chat With Track Star + goodr Flamboyance Membr Alexi Pappas

A Chat With Track Star + goodr Flamboyance Membr Alexi Pappas

Carl the Flamingo recently took the opportunity to step out of the oasis and meet up with one of his favorite goodr flamboyance members, Alexi Pappas. While Carl already knew a few things about the track star, he really wanted to get the nitty-gritty details. He put down that piña colada and rattled off his deepest and most thought-provoking questions— only to pick it up a few more times during the conversation, until by the last question he was slurping the end of his second colada, rather rudely, while poor Alexi continued to speak. Oh, Carl.


CARL: Do you want a piña colada? No? Okay, no problem, I’m going to have one. So, Alexi, I see you like to run…. Why running? Why not curling, the most honorable Olympic sport??

ALEXI: What I love about running is that at the end of the day, it’s not about me vs. she— it’s about me vs. me. While I love competition, ultimately the biggest competition in distance running is your own pain tolerance. It becomes a test of willpower, and to me, that is the most thrilling competition of all; to see how far I can push myself. Of course, I’ve always wanted to try curling…. maybe someday!!

CARL: Who would win in a race: giant octopus or giant squid? My money is on the Kraken.

ALEXI: In a race to a frying pan and then to my belly, the squid and the octopus would tie. In an actual foot race, the octopus, because their legs are longer!!

goodr flamboyance Alexi Pappas in goodr running sunglasses
CARL: Good answer. Though, shrimp is far superior to both. Fact. Another fact: those squids are just plain lazy. Now, would you ever run a beer mile? Or maybe a rosé mile… we crushed that one out of the winery! (By the way, this is #notanad for the goodr Rosé Mile)

ALEXI: I gotta say, even though rosé seems like it’d be heavier than beer, the carbonation in beer would slow me down more. So I’ll go with rosé mile.

CARL: Hmm, gettin’ scientific. I like it. I hear you just moved to SoCal. Where is your favorite place to run?

ALEXI: My favorite thing about my favorite running trails isn’t necessarily the trail itself, but the memories associated with it. I have favorite places to run all over the world: the Amazon Loop in Eugene, where I really grew into an elite athlete; the small track in Karpenisi, Greece, where I prepared for the 2016 Olympics; the list goes on. My favorite thing about LA, which I’ve just moved, is the cornucopia of new trails where I will surely create new memories. I’ve already begun exploring the trails in the Santa Monica Mountains and in Malibu Creek State Park– I am so excited to make these new trails my home.

olympian runner wearing goodr sunglasses
CARL: I see you’re pretty active on the “gram” and happen to be quite the influencer, just like me. What advice do you have for runners? Especially those type-A runners, who are more addicted to running than I am to this here piña colada! In fact, I’ll have another, bartender.

ALEXI: The most important advice I have for runners and athletes of all kinds is to be as kind to yourself as you are hard on yourself. This means to make sure to prioritize your recovery as much as you do your training, to fuel properly and eat what your body craves, and to get plenty of sleep! Also, wear what makes you feel best– running is as much mental as it is physical, so if running in your fav Super Flys make you feel the best, go for those!!!!

CARL: Why is individuality so important to you?

ALEXI: I think we are our best selves when we are our true selves. That said! I think it is good and even great to imitate those we admire until we can admire ourselves. When I was little, I wore a headband just like Mia Hamm and it made me feel strong and capable like her. Even now, I’m always on the lookout for people to look up to and ways I can be more like them. The result is a unique Alexi-stew made up of ingredients I’ve chosen from people I admire.

CARL: [**slurrrrp**] Carl-stew, I could probably sell that in restaurants nationwide! Moving on… Obviously, mine are Flamingos on a Booze Cruise; I wouldn’t be caught dead leaving my lawn chair without ‘em. So, I’m curious…what’s your favorite pair of sunglasses?

ALEXI: I love this question because it changes depending on the day! For me, I can associate (fondly) so many memories and milestones in my life with a pair of goodrs. I remember premiering my latest movie while wearing my Super Flys (Shaves Legs, Grows Beard) while riding all around Austin, Texas (the movie premiered at SXSW). I also recall another era of my life when I was getting ready to get married and had the OG (A Ginger’s Soul) on non-stop. For my running, I love how there are different lenses specially made for different terrain– the gradient lenses are my go-to for trail running, while I like non-reflective for road running. There’s a sunglass for every moment, and that’s what I love so much about goodr. I just feel… good!

CARL: What? I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you. Very interesting though! Well, this bar just ran out of colada mix — on to the next one. I guess this chat is over, Alexi. Until next time, SQUAWWWWK ya LATER!

To learn more about Alexi and follow her on the interwebs, check out her website here.

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