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1% for the Planet Co-Branded Shades Made from Recycled Plastic

Los Angeles, CA - Sunglasses brand goodr (Hey! That's us!) is excited to announce that in partnership with 1% for the Planet they are releasing their first pair of sunglasses made from trash (100% recycled plastic). With all of the no slip, no bounce, all polarized performance the public has come to expect from the popular two-time Runner’s World Gear of the Year winning brand, this new eco-friendly pair is aptly named These Shades Are Trash.

These polarized performance sunglasses will be available to the public July 31, 2020. 100% of the proceeds go to 1% for the Planet to give back to our planet.

The result of this incredible partnership: Atmospheric clear frame sunglasses with ocean blue mirrored reflective polarized lenses and a cool little 1% for the Planet logo printed on the arm so you can let Mother Earth know how much you love her all year round.

Although goodr did not personally send its employees to walk around and harvest the trash to create these sunglasses, their team regularly participates in numerous volunteer events, which often result in the collection of trash! (Brownie points?) The tiny pieces of plastic used to craft these sunglasses come from facilities where single use plastics are collected, sorted, cleaned, and melted into plastic pellets. It’s from here that the once trash finds its way into a sunglasses mold.

The packaging for this product was also sourced sustainably. These sunglasses are all housed in boxes made using recycled paper.

What is most definitely NOT trash, is the care instructions card. For this exclusive “These Shades are Trash” pair, that card is actually a seed card and will grow into a gorgeous garden if you plant it, water, and care for it with love. Okay… well, it will grow something green... which is basically a garden, right?

seed card that comes with eco friendly sunglasses
goodr’s partnership with 1% for the Planet began in March 2018 when they officially became proud members. 1% for the Planet is a global movement that inspires businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual membership and giving strategies. 1% of goodr’s annual sales go directly to organizations working towards making our world a better place.

Thanks to all the sunglass lovin’ out there, in the past two years goodr is stoked to have supported the following stellar non-profits: Protect Our Winters, Pandas International, Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education, California Wildlife Center, Heal the Bay, Coral Reef Alliance, WIRES - NSW Wildlife Information and Rescue, and California State Park Foundation.

goodr’s CEO, Carl the Flamingo stated, “SQUAWWWWWKKKKKKKKKKK!!! SQUAWK SQUAWK, SQUAWK. SQUAWK.” Which roughly translates to, “We are very excited for this product collaboration with 1% for the Planet. It is a thrilling milestone to be able to reach our goal of creating totally eco friendly sunglasses. We will continue to work towards a long term solution when it comes to the use of recycled goods in our products.”


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