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Human Resources: Feeling toasty warm in the “Sun” of goodr’s Ecosystem

In season 3, episode 6 of CULTURE goodr, Michael's hatred of Toby has been transferred to the new HR Rep, Holly. At first, he and Dwight plan on hazing her, but when she pretends to show nothing but disdain for Toby, Michael becomes completely smitten with her. Wait a second. Damnit, not AGAIN!! This literally has nothing to do with CULTURE goodr. What the hell?! That’s not even from a season 3, or the sixth episode. That’s the season finale of season four of The Office. One of these days we promise we’ll get our sh*t together.

In season 3, episode 6 of CULTURE goodr, Shaun and Stephen do a deep dive on our HR team, AKA the Ministry of Culture. We know at most companies people involuntarily hiss like feral cats at the mere mention of HR, or they scatter to their cubicles like cockroaches avoiding sunlight. Not here though! Fun fact: we don’t even have cubicles. We’re proud to say our HR department is like your favorite sweater: warm, fuzzy, and dependable. And we’re not just saying that because they can technically fire us. This flock’s areas of focus are human resources (so meta!), performance, experience, connection, and goodr.OS. Our Chief of Flamingos, Nicole, joins the pod to explain the importance of setting the tone at goodr, supporting individual growth, creating connection, and making sure we're all having fun!!

Season 3 Episode 6 of the CULTURE goodr podcast. Meet the HR team

We know you’re probably wary of trusting someone from HR. So we’re going to prove that Nicole is good people, aka trustworthy. Ready? In the lightning round, we learn that Nicole has never fallen victim to the heinous fashion crime of wearing socks with sandals out in public. She also knows that waffles are superior to pancakes. (Don’t @ us, deep down you know it’s the GD truth). She also reveals that her spirit animal is a wolf. She describes them as grounded and spiritual, and while we’ve never personally witnessed her howling at the moon, we’d say this is an accurate choice.

Prior to joining goodr, Nicole worked in the fitness industry for 15 years. (This is on the DL, but rumor has it she was a world-class Savate champion once upon a time. Translation: she is a complete badass. But we digress...) Around the time goodr was launching, she met and became friends with Stephen. Two years later she saw his Facebook post asking if anyone would be interested in working in goodr’s Distribution Center, and the rest is history! Over the years her role has evolved and she is now our official Chief of the Flamingos (that’s Head of Culture and HR in lame-man’s terms).

goodr's Ministry of Culture HR Human Resources team are Recklessly Committed to Fun
On a high level, the Ministry of Culture hires, onboards, and supports goodr staff and culture. Their flock values are integrity and connection. Integrity is paramount because trust is everything in an organization and connection quite simply is how we stay connected to each other, to the brand, to our lives, to fun, to authenticity! All of which are super important to us here at goodr.

Be sure to check out the episode for all the details on how Nicole and her term ensure that the hiring process is fun, authentic, and inclusive. (Hint: we encourage you to fly your freak flag high! But maybe just don’t come to your interview high?) Do we really make you submit a drawing of a pirate fighting an octopus?! Or is that just an urban legend? Is it really OK for you to refer to yourself as “100% that bitch” in your cover letter?! Is it really “OK to not be OK” here?! We’ll get to those glamorous topics as well as the unsexy topics you desperately want to know about, for example: What happens if you f*ck up on the job? Or you aren’t a great culture fit? And seriously, why do most HR departments suck?! Listen to find out!

We can’t leave without hooking you up with Nicole’s top three cheat codes for anyone in HR:

1. Lead with curiosity. Super important.

2. You don't know everything. Come to conversations/situations/issues with that curiosity, knowing you don't know everything. Jumping to an assumption or a conclusion is deadly.

3. Always look for ways to improve and grow. That's my big thing. I always want to keep growing, improving. You're never done.

That’s all we got ‘til next time! And remember, it’s always a good idea to ply your HR rep with See’s caramel patties, chocolate chip cookies, and vodka. (No comment on cold hard cash.)

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goodr's leaders of the HR/Ministry of Culture flock Nicole and Shaun sit with CEO Stephen Lease and Baby Carl the flamingo

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