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“Florence! Your Animal Crossing character’s clothes are SO BORING. Don’t you know you can customize that shit?!” Florence the Flamingo, Carl’s new-to-the-gaming-world friend looked confused.

“No Carl, unlike you, I’ve had to work during this quarantine, so I haven’t been playing Animal Crossing for 32 hours a day. Although, a wardrobe change would be great… I’m sick of getting confused for Flora the villager ostrich. She’s a gd OSTRICH! I’m a legit flocking flamingo!”

“Whatever, Flo, all you need to know is that you can upload rad little square graphics to use in your game. It adds personal flair and fashion. You better not show up to my party later in that plain shirt.” And with that, Carl put his beak down and got back into building his utopian island. He was planning a rager for his animal neighbors and could no longer bear to be distracted by the n00b.

While we can't make $25 dollar sunglasses for you to wear in Animal Crossing (yet), we can make awesome goodr patterns for you to use in the game. In fact, Carl is so obsessed with AC right now (yeah old marketing man Dan, that’s what the cool kids call it), that he insisted we give you three different patterns to choose from, with different size options to ensure the ideal patterning fit. That’s right! Go crazy!

All you have to do is scan the QC code and you’ll be able to import these glorious goodr prints into your Animal Crossing wonderland. You can use them to create clothing, art, your island’s flag, roads, bedding, flooring, wallpaper-- we highly suggest the wallpaper route. Big fans o’ funky wallpaper over here at goodr. Plaster the walls in Fronds Forever and fill your house with Mr. Flamingo furniture and call your pad "goodrland"-- oh wait, Carl named his island that already... It’s a video game after all, so the possibilities are endless.

Everything you need to goodrify your game is below. Get scanning.

goodr flamingo animal crossing pattern QC code
smaller goodr flamingo animal crossing pattern QC code
goodr sunglasses animal crossing pattern QC code
smaller goodr sunglasses animal crossing pattern QC code
palm print animal crossing pattern QC code
smaller palm print animal crossing pattern QC code
the best animal crossing patterns


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