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A Story About Round Mirrored Sunglasses


1. We advise you to start by washing your hair. Let us introduce you to a product called conditioner. Say it with us, “C-O-N-D-I-T-I-O-N-E-R.” Yes, those 6-in-one, conditioner, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, face wash, and who knows what else, combos seem convenient and cost effective, but HELLO MEN (and any ladies who have fallen victim of this trap…), there is a reason they make these things separate.

2. Try brushing your hair. Might we suggest one of those nifty Wet Brushes? You can tell when a bun is not freshly baked when it gets shark fins. Shark fins are the untamable clumps of hair that have not been brushed recently and therefore jet out of the top of your head like a shark fin. Not cute. An unruly shark fin requires either a new hairstyle or a shower. They can not be beat down by simply throwing water on your head and trying to flatten it into the rest of the hair. This has been tried and tested more times than we can count.

3. Put it in a bun! Are you feeling the top-knot high bun, or more of a low floppy bun? The ideal man bun is said to rest at eye height, one loop and no twists. Try to find a hair elastic that matches your hair color, and whatever you do, don’t pull the hair back too tight or it will lead to hair loss. This could be particularly devastating if you’re already shedding into adulthood.

4. Oh we lied… there is a fourth step: Pair your freshly baked man bun with these dirty blonde Circle G polarized goodrs. We can promise no slip, and no bounce on the sunglasses, but not on the bun-- that’s in your court.

Yellow round mirrored sunglasses on man and woman baking bread


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