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REMIX SERIES 01: Running for Real with Tina Muir

So you f*@#%ed up. How do you move forward? It’s way too easy to point fingers or give a performative apology that means nothing to anyone. goodr’s own Chief Executive Octopus, Stephen Lease, went on Tina Muir’s Running for Real podcast to talk about how we owned our biggest mistake a few years ago and have used it as an opportunity to learn, evolve, and ultimately become a stronger brand. After all, if the goal is being authentic and people don’t like you, it’s ok. But if the goal is being liked and people don’t like you, you’re f*@#%ed.


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Baby Carl sipping a Pineapple Painkiller while sporting goodr's blue and yellow frame, pink lens sunglasses


There is growth in failure.

goodr’s co-founder and CEO, Stephen, was invited to join the amazing Tina Muir on her show to go into the details of what our biggest f-up has been and how we have worked as a company since then to focus our brand.

We call it Pineapple Gate. A few years ago we posted a photo on social media promoting a pair of our sunnies (Pineapple Painkillers). The content received backlash and the experience served as a wake up call to this small but growing company of running weirdos who like flashy colors and funky puns. Just because we are a fun brand does not mean we get carte blanche on our jokes. We needed to assess our tone-deafness. Instead of pointing fingers, deflecting, or some other lame response to getting in trouble, we owned up to the fail. This was a chance to look inwards and see how we needed to improve to help ourselves grow in the midst of this failure.

The first step was putting in place a system of checks and balances. Every pair of sunnies goes through a naming process which now goes through committee. Our copy on our website and social media is funny (comedy gold, really) and sometimes NSFW, but we now follow a strict set of ethical rules. Even our flamingos who work at the goodr Lagoon are held to a high ethical standard where safety and giving back are part of our daily culture. In Stephen’s words, our brand isn’t for everyone and that is fine. Own the mistakes, accept progress over perfection, and always live in empathy. We flamingos just have a rosey outlook on life. Must be our lenses. And the shrimp.

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This episode of CULTURE goodr REMIX series was provided by Running for Real with Tina Muir.

Carl the flamingo runner


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