Sunglasses brand goodr is whatever the word is which means ten levels above thrilled to announce their collaboration with Pabst Blue Ribbon: a line of themed sunglasses titled Undisputed Beer Champ Since 1893! (At the Chicago World’s Fair, Pabst won a blue ribbon, scientifically proving they make the best beer on the planet. All historians and beer sommeliers agree.)

Starting July 24, 2020, consumers can purchase the first three colorways: PBR Eye Candy, Pibber-Mouflage, and Pabst O’Clock. Will wearing PBR Eye Candy help you win a beauty pageant? Will wearing Pibber-Mouflage make you invisible? Will wearing Pabst O’Clock give you a glimpse into an alternate universe? No, no, and no. But they can’t hurt.

The polarized sunglasses contain all of the no-slip, no-bounce performance the public has come to expect from goodr. Since launching in 2015, the irreverent brand has won several product awards, including PGA Buyer’s Choice, Men’s Health Best Buy, and Runner’s World Gear Of The Year, twice. But zero blue ribbons. So all in all, a huge failure.

“We collaborated with Pabst Blue Ribbon because we have so much in common,” said goodr’s avian CEO Carl the Flamingo. “We’re both loved by hipsters. We’re both at the top of our fields. And we both believe beer and athletics go hand-in-hand. It’s the perfect partnership. I love Pabst Blue Ribbon more than my children! And you can print that.”


red, white, and blue beer sunglasses
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We exist to give you permission to be unabashedly yourself...unless you’re an asshole. Since 2015, we’ve made polarized sunglasses that speak to the four F’s: Fun, Fashionable, Functional and Ffordable. They don’t slip or bounce while running, beasting, biking or golfing...but if you’re an asshole they might burst into flames so watch out.
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