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Follow goodr to the polls (or, to the mailbox, or ballot box, perhaps). Maybe by next election we'll have ballot carrier pigeons.

Behind the scenes, our team has been pouring energy into amplifying this election and getting the flocks to the polls. When one of goodr’s co-founders, Keri Blunt (pictured below as Betsy Ross), shifted her Purpose Project to “Project Save America'' the goodr flamily (get it like flamingo-family-- sad that had to be explained, but we’d hate for you to think it was a typo) jumped aboard to show their support for the initiative. A special Slack channel was created (our savvy internal communication method), and quickly ideas and links on how to get involved were flying through cyberspace. goodr employees have been sending letters, making phone calls, rocking "vote" masks, volunteering to work at local polling locations, among numerous other tactics to spread the importance of participation in this year’s Presidential Election.

Let's hear from the team >>>

patriotic man and woman running in sunglasses
Keri, Chief Dreams Orchestrator: “I was feeling a lot of stress leading up to this election and needed a place to channel it into action. I changed my purpose project to Project Save America and found that many others at goodr were feeling the same way! Between letter writing, texting, creating goodr copy and creating some content for my personal Instagram @keriblunt about voting, it helped me feel like I was putting positive energy toward the most important election of my lifetime instead of sitting at home cursing the debate (which I also did, of course…)”

Ashley Craft, Head Nurse of Carl’s Infirmary: “I joined Project Save America with goodr as a way to show my colleagues support with their project and to amplify voters everywhere. I have been making calls and sending texts to provide information on the candidates and to remind everyone that their vote counts. Filling out the ballot takes ten minutes once you know who and what you are voting for. I’ve enjoyed spending my extra personal time advocating for the measures and candidates that I believe in and hearing stories and perspectives from voters across America. This has been one of my favorite projects at goodr because of our united passion for saving America.”

Sarah, Dancing Queen of the Lagoon: “I have participated in the letter writing campaign with the organization Vote Forward. This organization has found that handwritten letters are very effective in getting people to the polls to vote. I have also participated in multiple phone banks with the organization SwingLeft, making phone calls to Democratic voters to determine if they are voting for Biden/Harris and the democratic party across the board. This organization has found that phone calls to registered Democrats have proven effective in getting voters to the polls to vote democratic. For both organizations I have focused my efforts on Florida. Florida is a very important state in this year's election because if Biden only wins Florida and no other swing states, statistics show he can win the election. I have also been using my social media outlets to remind people to get out and vote. This by far the most important vote in my lifetime and we need a change for this country and someone to bring us together. I believe that person is Joe Biden.”

Thomas Fitzpatrick, Major Tom to Groundhog Launch Control: "I have been super stoked to join Project Save America with the goodr team. I've been helping put together an email to our consumers, and have joined phone banks and texting teams to help spread voter awareness. Working for a company who cares about making our world a better place is a game-changer and I'm glad to be a part of this movement inside the goodr walls"


Yes, you read that correctly... At goodr we believe that voting is a right, it doesn’t matter who or what you vote for. We believe that voting is a right, and a person’s ability to vote should not be suppressed by their employer, but empowered. Because of those beliefs we decided to make Election Day an official paid holiday at goodr. Hear more from the Chief Executive Octopus himself on this week’s mini bonus episode of the CULTURE goodr podcast. In it Stephen Lease outlines three steps to help convince you or your employer why your business or place of employment should also acknowledge the right to vote by making it a paid holiday for all employees.

Listen Here


goodr has also partnered with BallotReady, which provides free, nonpartisan voter resources including the ability to look up ballots and request mail-in ballots in advance.

BallotReady is on a mission to create a more informed democracy by preparing voters across the U.S. with fact-checked, nonpartisan information on every race and measure that will appear on their ballots. BallotReady also provides other nonpartisan voter resources, like making plans to vote safely through early voting and vote-by-mail, based on the rules of each jurisdiction in all 50 states. BallotReady helps impassioned voters scale their impact and get out the vote with tools for SuperVoters and BallotParties. BallotReady tools have been used by brands like Snapchat and the Miami Heat, as well as public figures like Kerry Washington, Lizzo and the Jonas Brothers.


At goodr we believe that voting is a right, it doesn’t matter who or what you vote for. We believe that voting is a right, and a person’s ability to vote should not be suppressed by their employer, but empowered. (Yes, we know, we repeated ourselves. Tryna’ make a point here.) What are you waiting for? GO FLOCKING VOTE RIGHT NOW!!!
just flocking vote goodr campaign


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