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Deja Vu Daydream Origin Story

Deja Vu Daydream Origin Story

Have you ever wondered why it happens? That strange, eerie feeling you sometimes get when something feels weirdly familiar, like you’ve experienced it before, even though you KNOW you haven’t. It’s as if you're reliving something from your past, but you can't quite place when it happened.

It usually happens for something totally mundane and not exciting, like a conversation about maxi pads in the powder room with your lady friends at a fancy dinner party. Or comparing jock itch powder in the locker room with your gym bruhs on leg day. (Just kidding, this wasn’t written by an ad executive from the ’80s when talking about panty shields and crotch rot with your friends was apparently all the rage. We have FuzzFeed Shopping’s list of ‘30 Products That Solve Embarrassing Problems’ for these things now. DUH.)

Know what Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, believed? He believed that deja vu occurs when a person is spontaneously reminded of an unconscious fantasy. Because the fantasy is in the unconscious part of the mind, the content is blocked off and locked away from a person’s awareness. However, the sense of familiarity leaks through, thus resulting in the feeling of deja vu!!! Spooooky.

(Of course, Freud also thought you wanted to sleep with your mother or father. Gross.)

Freud would probably try to convince you that you wanted to sleep with these Deja Vu Daydream sunnies. (Side note, My Top Secret Oedipus Complex sunglasses did not perform well when we did a consumer test panel.) These dark midnight blue square aviator sunglasses with purple gradient lenses are pretty mysterious and sexy AF though, so it wouldn’t be unheard of if you caught some weird feelings for ‘em. No judgment. (We lied, we are totally judging you.)

OR, Freud would think you were having some kind of weird secret fantasy about them that you’re unaware of, and it’s leaking into your conscious thoughts. We’re talking leaky gut of the mind here, people!!! Or maybe it’s just that the retro vibes make you feel like you’ve seen ‘em before?!
You know, all of these weird feelings would probably just go away if you bought a pair already. Also, maybe call your therapist. Sounds like you have some things you need to work out.



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