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Back 9 Blackout Origin Story

Back 9 Blackout Origin Story

Mulligans are a part of the game. Kind of. Everyone handles them a little different. One per side. Breakfast ball off the 1st tee perhaps. Maybe none if there’s money on the line. But what if you had unlimited mulligans? That’s right. As many as you want or need. All you have to do to get one is shotgun a beer. Fair trade. That’s what Ben thought. Let’s ask him how it went...

(This recap was reconstructed from a handwritten document that was almost completely illegible after hole 4. We’re honestly not sure how Ben even survived this.)

HOLE 1 - Par 4 377 Yards
Shotguns for mulligans? Are you kidding me? Sign me up. Finally going to beat 90. This will be easy. Duffed the first drive. No big deal. Striped the next one. Shotguns - 1

HOLE 2 - Par 3 157 Yards
In the drink. Normally I’d be headed to the drop zone. Not today. That beer went down better than the first and now I’m just off the green. Missed the up and down but I’m in with a flamingo. Shotguns - 2

HOLE 3 - Par 4 413 Yards
Snap hook. Ah well. I was hoping I would have this down by now. Nope, it’s fine. Stick to the plan. I’ll get through this beer and then I’ll start to get it going. Shotguns - 3

HOLE 4 - Par 5 504 Yards
Worm burner. Fuck me. If that made it past the ladies tee I’d go with it. Need a break. Suck it up. One last beer then we’re good. Shotguns - 4

HOLE 5 - Par 3 215 Yards
Closest to the pin mo fo’s! Finally. Birdie putt coming up. You got this. WAIT!?? Where did my muther flockin’ goodr sunglasses go?!! Lost while walking to the hole. Great. It’s okay, here we go… Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Shotguns - 5

HOLE 6 - Par 4 354 Yards
Let’s try the happy gilmore off the tee box. I’ll be honest. I have no idea what I got on this hole. No shotguns though. Yew! Shotguns - 5

Worth it? “Definitely!” Exclaimed Ben after recovering from his 3-day hangover.



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