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A Story About Round Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

So many humans have their morning routines. They wake up and go to the same spot to get coffee, or fuel up their vehicle, or pick up some morning calories. We’re all pretty #basic when push comes to shove. It’s good to mix it up, infuse a little change in your day-to-day. Sarah experienced this recently while checking out a hip coffee shop in her neighborhood that she hadn’t yet given a chance. This is how that went down... 

Walked into a coffee shop and asked, “Why is it more for pour over coffee?” Big mistake. This is what Google is for; so pretentious baristas don’t have to drone on to coffee simpletons like me. I recorded the answer to save you the trouble:

guy and girl baristas with tortoiseshell round goodr sunglasses

“If you ever want to feel like a drug dealer, get into making pour over coffee.”

This was the first sign of the rabbit hole I was about to go down, but I nodded enthusiastically.

“All the fun with the scale, beaker, and hot liquid, with no chance of criminal charges.”

Was this a joke? I cringe and force out a fake giggle.

“Crafting coffee by pour over is a Japanese method. In fact, did you know that Japan is one of the most important coffee markets in the world? Coffee obsessives, aka the OG hipsters, brought kettles, and cones back to the states in their suitcases like contraband. Don’t you wish you were on that ultra hip bandwagon?”

Actually, no. But I let the monologue continue.

“The process is fairly simple, yet miraculously complex. The beans are weighed, ground, dropped into a filter, then pre-infused with a little bit of water to let the flavor bloom. By measuring the amount of water poured over a period of time a richer stronger flavor is pulled from the grounds, pour faster for a lighter taste. The hand by which you pour, and the lip of the craft you’re pouring from allows for a much smoother pour than any willy nilly drip coffee maker.”

My $25 Target brand programmable drip coffee maker is offended.

“This brings out the finer qualities of the coffee bean. It is the ultimate in ‘coffee control.’ In fact, don’t even consider yourself a control freak until taking on the art of making pour over coffee.”

Wow, just learning about the intricacies of pour over coffee is exhausting. Please take my fucking $9 already and make me one. Orrrr… perhaps I’ll wise up and save that $9 because it will cover 36% of the purchase of these seemingly more hip Circle G tortoise shell sunglasses.