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Breaking Silence: Flamingos Can Fly Too

Breaking Silence: Flamingos Can Fly Too

goodr and Breaking Silence have partnered up again to bring awareness and spread empathy in order to prevent domestic and sexual violence. goodr and Breaking Silence, a nonprofit that creates conversation in order to bring an end to interpersonal violence, launched the “Use Your Words” co-lab sunglass last year. The launch inspired so many survivors to share their stories, the two have agreed to team up again this year with the exciting release of the exclusive “Flamingos Can Fly Too” polarized shades. They will be available throughout October which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As with last year’s co-lab, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Breaking Silence.

Breaking Silence goodr running sunglasses on man and woman
When asked about the new sunglasses, Carl the Flamingo, CEO of goodr said, “SQUUUUAWWWKKK. Squawk, Squawk, Squawk,” which is loosely translated to: “OF COURSE I CAN FLY. And I hope that everyone knows that no matter your feather color or how your wings flap, you are a part of our flamboyance. So put these teal, flamingo-print sunnies on and feel the power of knowing that the simplest of thoughts can be the most powerful of moments.”

Breaking Silence Executive Director, Alli Watt, said, “I hope this collaboration lets every person know that, sometimes, the strongest thing you can do is just have the thought of ‘yes, I am a survivor, and yes, that was abuse.’ Or ‘one day I know I will tell my story.’ You do not have to be a soaring eagle to be a badass survivor, you just have to believe that you deserve to fly, too.” She added, “If you happen to be a soaring eagle, good for you. Please lend your wings to the little birdies.”

A man looks over his shoulder with black and chrome aviator sunglasses slid down his nose. Three-quarter angle view of aviator sunglasses with black frames and chrome reflective lenses on a white background.

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