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#45: CULTURE Season Wrap Audience Q&A

#45: CULTURE Season Wrap Audience Q&A

After writing the blog for season 3, episode 18 of CULTURE goodr, the copywriters cried with joy, called a Lyft to LAX, boarded an 11-hour flight from Los Angeles to Tahiti, rode a cab to the InterContinental Resort hotel, checked into their rooms, changed into their swimsuits, walked to the beach, spread out their towels, laid down in the sun, closed their eyes, and were just about to relax, when Carl The Flamingo splashed them with cold water and screamed, “YOU’RE NOT DONE! YOU GOTTA WRITE A BLOG FOR EPISODE 19!!! NO!!!! NOT HERE!!!!! GET YOUR CANDY ASSES BACK TO THE OFFICE!!!”

So here we are.

Season 3 Episode 19 - Season 3 Wrap and Q&A for the CULTURE goodr podcast
In season 3, episode 19 of CULTURE goodr, SDL and Shaun flipped the script by taking questions from guests and listeners. The highlights include:

Q: If you could have anyone train you for a day, who would it be?

SDL: “In the fitness world, it would be the Rock. I imagine the Rock would actually just put me on his chest, like a baby bjorn and do his workout with me and my legs just dangling.”

Shaun: “You're just like a slight addition of weight to his scenario. That's awesome. Would you say encouraging things into his ear?”

Q: Since everyone wants to start a podcast these days, what has been your biggest learning about making the podcast itself?

SDL: “The things you spend the most time on, nobody ever sees, like writing scripts and, like, doing questions. Nobody ever sees that work, right?

Shaun: “Just the end product. Yeah. I think the value of editing -- a good editor. Never underestimate the power of a good editor.”

Q: What's the biggest fuck-up you've had with goodr's culture so far?

SDL: “Whenever an issue arises, a lot of the time, it's directly related to me, not clearly outlining the vision and how we're going to get there...I didn't clearly articulate it or paint the future for people to see it.”

Shaun: “By pushing for a flat structure and for autonomy and freedom, we inadvertently created some silos that weren't communicating, and reality and exponential growth forced us to reckon with that.”

Q: What happens when people take a risk and fail at goodr?

SDL: “People never get punished… The issue is only if you hide it, don't own it and don't learn from it… We all have systemic beliefs that failure is not okay. But man, I love people taking risks.”

Shaun: “Success at communicating that you have failed and what your plan is to do something about it -- or what you've learned from it.”

That’s just a grain of sand from the beach of content that is the podcast! Listen to the full episode for answers about everything from misconceptions about goodr to the most fun project launch activation to hints about how we’re totally revamping our ecosystem.

NOW the copywriting team is done blogging about CULTURE goodr, season 3!!!! Carl said he’d reimburse us with another vacation, which is pretty. Let’s open this envelope he dropped off and see what we got Tahiti tickets?!?! Nope. Free tickets to The World’s Only Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. Thanks, Carl. Thanks a lot.



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