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Midnight Ramble at Circle Bar Origin Story

Midnight Ramble at Circle Bar Origin Story

These striking shades are named after goodr holy grounds… the bar nearly half the company has been kicked out of and keeps going back to. Luckily, we're always in full costume and wearing sunglasses, so the bar staff would never know who isn't allowed back. We almost always end up here after goodrSTOCK (our quarterly meetings). This typically means rolling up right when they open, at 9 p.m. sharp, ordering 10 shots of Fireball, 10 Bud Lights, and 10 vodka sodas for the first lucky goodr arrivals. There are always a couple of people hanging on through the swan song… that's called shutting it down.

Our ultimate destination is not a tiki bar as you might imagine. It is: The Circle Bar. Santa Monica, CA, USA. Never even looked at their website before, since we always just end up there, but just did and this is the header:

"curating vibes since 1949"

Pure gold. That's exactly what they do there. Curate vibes. It's the type of bar where no one knows your name and you are glad they don't because you won't be able to keep yourself from cutting lose and getting low to the best hip hop on the West side.

The dance floor is only about 15' by 15' so get ready for your flinging sweat to hit your neighbor, and their sweat to hit you. Tasty. But you don't even care because they just played Beyoncé's Formation, Paper Boy's Ditty, and Eve's Tambourine within a span of 10 minutes and now you can die happy.

FUN FACT: See this pic?

(Note: Not the actual pic... But there is an actual pic!)

When we were shooting, this fool sauntered up and asked if we could take his photo. All of us on the shoot bearing witness bristled at this guy, like, leave us the F alone, and our photographer, goodr employee, Barret, was like, "Nah man, we're doing a shoot here." Turns out, this man is THE OWNER OF CIRCLE BAR. WHOOPS. They kindly refrained from kicking us out this time, so we’ll be back, proudly wearing our sunglasses at night, possibly even these new black circular framed beauties, the namesake of this marvelously classy dive.


Round sunglasses for the active hipster

POLARIZED A woman in dark green round sunglasses with non-reflective gradient green lenses looks off to the side confidently. Three-quarter angle view of dark green round sunglasses with circle-shaped green gradient lenses.

I Have These on Vinyl, Too

BEST SELLER A hipster barista judgmentally glares ahead wearing brown tortoiseshell sunglasses with brown non-reflective lenses. Three-quarter angle view of round brown tortoiseshell sunglasses with non-reflective brown circle-shaped lenses.

Nine Dollar Pour Over

BEST SELLER A hipster man wearing round black sunglasses with blue reflective lenses looks into the distance, holding a vinyl record. Three-quarter angle view of retro-inspired black round sunglasses with circle-shaped mirrored blue lenses.

Midnight Ramble At Circle Bar


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