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Fast As Shell Origin Story

Fast As Shell Origin Story

Veronica was a fashion editor that always knew what was hot without even trying. And, in fact, made things hot by choosing them for her publication. She was once played by Meryl Streep in the little known film The Devil Wears Prada. Those “inspired by Anna Wintour” rumors have no legs. Veronica was also an avid runner and did her first Color Run alone in Central Park before running was cool. One day while poking around a fine art mega-gallery in Chelsea, she spotted an avant-garde artist rocking the poshest handmade couture tortoiseshell frames she had ever seen, as if the shell was gifted to her from King Yertle himself (and it was, in fact). With a plush coating on the frames and polarized lenses, a pop of blue so brilliant it reminded her of the time she berated her underling for her lumpy cerulean sweater. The moment still brought a smile to her face.

But, these sunglasses, who made them? She had not seen them at #PFW …they were not Gucci, nor Dior, nor Chanel. Prada, maybe? She had skipped that show for dinner with Donatella.

Just then, the artist turned his head and a glint of gold caught Veronica’s eye. Gold accents on the frame and a gold logo – goodr – to match…these shades were dripping more than Kim Kardashian at the 2019 Met Gala.

cateye toroiseshell running sunglasses
As Veronica approached him to ask where he had acquired these high fashion frames, he removed them from his face and set them on a 17th-century credenza that doubled as his desk. In a weak moment of Winona Ryder sticky fingers, Veronica snatched the goodrs and faster than her last 5K PR, she was out the door and browsing the display cases at the nearly defunct Barney’s store on 7th Ave. No one would ever expect her to be there.

“That was FAST AS SHELL!!!!!” Veronica thought to herself, utilizing her replacement for the word Hell that had recently been suggested by her anger management therapist, not even realizing this was actually the colorway name of her new favorite sunglasses.

Meanwhile, the artist logged right back onto, saved in his favorites, and purchased a replacement pair of Fast As Shell goodr Sunny Couture Runways. This was the third time this had happened this month.

A man looks over his shoulder with black and chrome aviator sunglasses slid down his nose. Three-quarter angle view of aviator sunglasses with black frames and chrome reflective lenses on a white background.

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A woman in black sunglasses with amber reflective lenses wearing a flame-patterned shirt and headband laughs. Three-quarter angle view of square-shaped black sunglasses with mirrored amber lenses.

Whiskey Shots With Satan

Dawn of A New Sage | green square sunglasses with gradient purple lenses | goodr OG sunglasses Dawn of A New Sage | green square sunglasses with gradient purple lenses | goodr OG sunglasses

Dawn of a New Sage



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