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Carl's Inner Circle Family Origin Story

Carl's Inner Circle Family Origin Story

Grab your typewriters, scarves and fixies, today we launched a new style: The Circle Gs. The line, Carl’s Inner Circle, has six round-framed, artisanally crafted sunnies, perfect to wear on Vampire Weekends and Vampire Weekdays.

round mirrored sunglasses
In celebration of the flannel-friendly mainstream-hostile new sunglasses, goodr released an epic movie trailer entitled “The Circling.” The riveting sixty-second spot shows a mysterious hipster phenomenon spreading. Beware. Resistance is futile. Either embrace your avocado-loving overlords or prepare for everything you own to be pickled. Don’t believe us? Check out our trailer for the Academy Award nominated The Circling:

Ughk, you got us, fake news. We didn’t make a full featured film. Just an extra rad teaser. We did however go to the lengths of making movie posters and displaying them in two popular L.A. locations.

This probably seems like an excessive amount of work, and trust us-- it was. We’re just that excited about our new circular running sunglasses. All of the same no slip, no bounce, all polarized magic of our original goodrs but in a sleek new look that emphasizes the natural curvature of your eyeballs (and conveniently camouflages you in with gaggle of gourmet-coffee-thirsty hipsters).

When asked for comment on the ironic* iconic shades, goodr CEO/ therapy bird Carl the Flamingo said, “Squawk squawk squawwwwwwk!” Which translates to, “These round sunglasses are perfect for everyone, from Januaryists to Decemberists.”

After taking a puff of organic tobacco from a corncob pipe, Carl added, “Squawk-squawk, squawk-squawk!” Which translates to, “Buying our product is the best way to protest consumerism.” He then resumed badgering Venice Beach tourists to put on a pair of hand-whittled mahogany headphones and listen to a life-changing rock band**.

*We can totally define irony, we just don’t feel like it right now.

**You guessed it: Aphex Twin.

POLARIZED A man looks over his shoulder with black and chrome aviator sunglasses slid down his nose. Three-quarter angle view of aviator sunglasses with black frames and chrome reflective lenses on a white background.

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POLARIZED A woman in black sunglasses with amber reflective lenses wearing a flame-patterned shirt and headband laughs. Three-quarter angle view of square-shaped black sunglasses with mirrored amber lenses.

Whiskey Shots With Satan

POLARIZED Dawn of A New Sage | green square sunglasses with gradient purple lenses | goodr OG sunglasses Dawn of A New Sage | green square sunglasses with gradient purple lenses | goodr OG sunglasses

Dawn of a New Sage



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