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Episode 61: The Customer Herd

Episode 61: The Customer Herd

In the NEW episode of CULTURE goodr, Stephen interviews Dan Weinsoft, the Flockstar of goodr's Customer Herd (Chief Customer Officer). The Customer Herd includes the customer service team, the B2B team, the digital team, and the (developing) channel sales strategy team. They discuss:

- how Dan randomly took a marketing class in high school, fell in love with the work, and entered marketing competitions his herd's primary focus for 2023 (the acquisition and nurturing of all customers, and delivering an "omni-channel" experience)
- his day-to-day life at goodr (the fun parts and the hard parts) his experience teaching a marketing class for graduate students, and developing a digital marketing coaching program at goodr
- his 17 years of experience doing digital marketing agency work for a variety of different companies, such as Sony and Nike
- why he's always greeted with boos when he takes the stage at goodr all-company meetings
- how his woodwork hobby (refinishing axes) has helped him become a better leader
- his decision to move from Bend, Oregon to Los Angeles, California for his role at goodr
- why he loves directness, organizational change, authenticity, and dumb 'dad jokes'

Listen to the full episode now!!! (Dan tells a 'dad joke', and it's a must-hear if you like groaning.)