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Episode 64: The Creative Herd with Mike Eddy

Episode 64: The Creative Herd with Mike Eddy

In Episode #64 of CULTURE goodr, Stephen interviews Mike Eddy, the Flockstar of the Creative Herd, aka Creative Director. The Creative Herd includes four flocks: the Department of Dreams (video/photo production), the Doodle Division (design), the Copy Coven (copy), and the Illuminati (product management). Mike and Stephen talk about:


  • what Mike learned from an embarrassing experience "playing" electric bass in 7th-grade jazz band
  • his focuses for 2023 (storytelling and agility
  • his experience working for Easton Sports and AT&T, then taking a risk to leave a steady job and be employee #1 at goodr
  • his love of Pitch-a-Palooza, a recurring opportunity for employees to pitch wild, absurd product ideas (or content ideas) to the whole company
  • his mapmaking skills, learning from failure, and the importance of providing context for projects (like goodr's box redesign)
  • what he loves about goodr, what feedback he'd give Stephen, and how the company has changed over years of rapid growth
  • creating the Flock-Up of the Year award, which gives risktakers a useful prize


Listen to the full episode now!!!


Tune in Now: Listen to the Episode Here

Get to know the dynamic duo

Meet the hosts

stephen lease

Stephen Lease is the CEO (Chief Executive Octopus) of goodr and the co-host of the CULTURE goodr Podcast. Since Stephen co-founded the company in 2015, goodr has grown to over 140 employees, with award-winning sunglasses sold in more than 5,000 doors worldwide. Stephen’s spirit animal is an octopus, he’s soul-bonded with a basset hound, and he is 16% flamingo.

shaun tinney

Shaun Tinney is the Dean of goodr University (Head of Learning and Development at goodr) and the co-host of the CULTURE goodr podcast. When he’s not helping goodr employees level up their behaviors, he’s writing and performing music. Recently he released his first EP, Living Driven, about the quest for self-reliance, fresh perspective, and creative freedom.

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