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Episode 64: The Creative Herd with Mike Eddy

Episode 64: The Creative Herd with Mike Eddy

In Episode #64 of CULTURE goodr, Stephen interviews Mike Eddy, the Flockstar of the Creative Herd, aka Creative Director. The Creative Herd includes four flocks: the Department of Dreams (video/photo production), the Doodle Division (design), the Copy Coven (copy), and the Illuminati (product management). Mike and Stephen talk about:


  • what Mike learned from an embarrassing experience "playing" electric bass in 7th-grade jazz band
  • his focuses for 2023 (storytelling and agility
  • his experience working for Easton Sports and AT&T, then taking a risk to leave a steady job and be employee #1 at goodr
  • his love of Pitch-a-Palooza, a recurring opportunity for employees to pitch wild, absurd product ideas (or content ideas) to the whole company
  • his mapmaking skills, learning from failure, and the importance of providing context for projects (like goodr's box redesign)
  • what he loves about goodr, what feedback he'd give Stephen, and how the company has changed over years of rapid growth
  • creating the Flock-Up of the Year award, which gives risktakers a useful prize


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