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Season 03 of CULTURE goodr is Out!

Season 03 of CULTURE goodr is Out!

Sunglasses brand goodr released season THREE of their podcast, CULTURE goodr. In the weekly series (dropping every Wednesday), Chief Executive Octopus Stephen Lease (yes, Octopus, just go with it) and Chief Relationship Officer Shaun Tinney describe goodr’s unique culture. However, Season 03 comes with a twist-- the hosts will be interviewing goodr’s Flock Leaders.

As you may recall from S02E10, we don’t have bosses at goodr. Instead, each department aka “flock” has a “Flock Leader.” (If you’re tired of the bird theme, squawk away right now.) Season 03 takes listeners on a journey with our Customer Service, Distribution, D2C, B2B, Creative, Human Resources, Product, and Project Management teams. (But obviously we don’t use those boring names, as you’ll soon find out.) Each Flock Leader comes equipped with an arsenal of tips to share with you, by chewing them up and dropping them into your open mouth. (Don’t worry, they’re vaccinated.)

You can find CULTURE goodr, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and pretty much everywhere you listen to podcasts. Get the CULTURE pod delivered straight to your inbox here!

goodr launched in 2015 and is renowned for making fun, affordable sunglasses with polarized lenses that don’t slip or bounce. Over six years, the company has collab’ed with major brands (Warner Bros, PBR) and won several awards (Runner’s World Gear Of The Year 2x, PGA Buyer’s Choice, Men’s Health Best Buy, GQ’s Best Sunglasses of 2020, Rolling Stone’s Favorite Sunglasses For Athletes, Inc. Magazine’s Best Places To Work).

In celebration of CULTURE goodr Season 3, goodr CEO Carl the Flamingo said, “SQUAAAWK!” This roughly translates to: “We exist to give you permission to be unabashedly yourself, unless you’re an asshole. We can’t wait to take over the podcasting world. Joe Rogan, Ira Glass, Marc Maron, Conan O’Brien -- you’re going down, motha flockas… actually, we’d much rather collaborate than take anyone down. That’s just the tequila speaking.” Fun fact: Flamingos have an ultra high tolerance for ArteNOM Selección 1579 Blanco, according to Carl.