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Having the best golf sunglasses can 100% improve your golf game. We call it PESs, or performance enhancing sunglasses. If it wasn’t a thing, it is now. With the right pair of shades you’ll go from wanting to stuff your scorecard in your mouth with shame so no other human can lay their eyes on it, to wanting to get it professionally framed and matted. goodr can make this dream come true with our $25, and larger $35, golf-specific polarized sunglasses. We firmly believe that our golf sunglasses are the best on the market. (Even our moms said so! And they aren’t biased at all!)


Be a Flamingo Golfer, and if you don't know what that is you better keep reading

The best golf sunglasses have a variety of benefits. With the right lens tint they can help you read greens better, detect contours, or even help make it easier for you to see your ball in the air and on the ground. In the rough again? Even better!

Also, news alert: sunglasses protect you from...the sun!! That’s right -- another major benefit to wearing proper eyewear while golfing has to do with eye fatigue. A smart player (like you!) will do whatever they can to help protect their peepers from the sun’s harmful UV rays. For the record, UV rays are the ADHD rays of the family (no offense, Cameron, it was just the easiest way to describe it to non-science people --- that’s one of our employee’s nephews who has ADHD, and we know it’s not a laughing matter). They bounce around in every which way. Especially near water, sand, and even on grass, which, if you didn’t know, are all things on a golf course. They blast through clouds with the same ease you blasted through the OB marker when you shanked it on hole 6. Glare acts in the same way. This means that even when it’s overcast, great golfing sunglasses with proper UV protection and polarized lenses are a major asset for your eyes, and your game.

We could nerd out on the lens tech here for a hundred paragraphs, but this is what you need to know in a nutshell:

1. goodr golf sunglasses have a polarized layer and a UV400 layer within the lens.

2. The polarized lenses works to filter the intensified horizontal light that bounces off of flat surfaces and redirect it to the vertical plane.

3. Lens technology: The UV400 layer blocks 99%-100% of both UVA and UVB light, yes, actual electromagnetic radiation that busts through the ozone layer.

4. It takes a lot of work for your pupils to continually adjust to these changing light conditions. They’re constantly contracting and dilating. This results in migraines and headaches. You can help your peepers save some energy simply by wearing proper (ahem… GOODR) sunglasses while you recreate outdoors.

5. STAY TUNED to learn about Flamingo Eye™ Technology. It will blow your mind! ...Keep reading...

So. Why look to goodr when you're searching for the best glasses for golf, besides the fact that we know how to write an informational article that actually makes you laugh? We have three basic reasons, all of which relate back to goodr’s four Fs: Fun. Fashionable. Functional. Fffordable. We kicked the “A” out of “affordable.” Four Fs is better than three Fs and an A, wouldn’t ya say? Rolls off the tongue better, or-- in our Flamingo CEO Carl’s case-- the beak. 

Henceforth, in this article, we’re gonna capitalize our four Fs so you don’t forget (there will be a quiz).

pink cateye golf sunglasses

1. goodr’s golf sunglasses feature Flamingo Eye™ Technology.

Yes, that is a trademark symbol you just saw. Flamingo Eye Teee Emmmm. So yeah, we’re legit and we meant it when we said we make the best golf sunglasses. Now, let’s talk about FUNCTION. Our frame is snug and lightweight with a comfortable fit to prevent bouncing while you’re swinging out of your shoes. You can surely expect goodr’s famous no slip, no bounce, all polarized standards. Let’s face it, glare can ruin your day. Polarization to the rescue! Wearing sunglasses relieves golfers’ eyes from intense sunlight. Getting the ball airborne and headed in the right direction is almost impossible if you can’t visually judge the distance to the hole. This is important because, ummmmm... correct us if we’re wrong....gauging how far a shot needs to go is pretty much the whole game of golf? Drive that shit with confidence because you can actually see where you’re sending it. 

On top of exceptional UV and polarized protection, goodr has dubbed our golf-specific lens technology: Flamingo Eye™. All the HD contrast and performance without any of the self-importance. The lenses used within our golf line are truly made with gophers on the brain. Did we say gophers? We meant golfers.


HD contrast lenses

Let’s see what some real people had to say after purchasing a pair of shades from our golf sunglasses line:

Finally sunglasses meant for golf

Tried to wear my other sunglasses golfing but the lenses were too dark. THESE SUNGLASSES have the right tint and stay on my head both when I need them on or when I’m wearing them on my hat.

Like an Instagram Filter on Life!

Looking at the world through flamingo-tinted lenses while still being able to wear them in a uniform. #worthit #prettiersunsets 

Great Glasses

Love these glasses, tried them golfing today and they were just as advertised. Could find the golf ball a lot easier

Flamingo Eye Tech Golf Sunglasses

2. You say, “bogey.” I say, “flamingo!”

Did you know that there is no such thing as a bogey? That term was made up by a bunch of golf jabronies in the 1890s, so we’re a bunch of jabronies ready to stake our claim in the golf lexicon. The golf pros at goodr have renamed bogey to “flamingo.” It just makes more sense. And you know what else? It’s FUN! Think about it: condor, albatross, eagle, birdie… What’s up with all of these bird names? Then BOGEY?!! Doesn’t work. Be a Flamingo Golfer and celebrate every shot over par with a flamingo instead. Whether it’s double, triple, or flamingo five, the more flamingos the better the party. WARNING: if playing with real flamingos, be sure to keep an eye on them. Our CEO Carl is known to harass the cart girls (“Cart women” is better. Or, Cart people?) if his piña coladas aren’t strong enough, and that’s just embarrassing. Then, we have to tip them extra to apologize for Carl, we all have that friend.


Get it right

Anyway...back to the FUN. The best golf sunglasses, available only at goodr, represent fun. From our colorways, to our unique names, to our origin stories. These sunglasses are born out of pure happiness and joy. With goodr’s golf sunglasses, you can take those positive vibes right from your face to the green. Because if it’s not fun, why do it? #goodrWisdom

3. A price that’s so on par that you can have a pair of sunglasses to match multiple outfits!

A common stoke factor when it comes to goodrs is the price point. And the higher the stoke, the lower the strokes, rightttttt??? With FFORDABLE frames at top brands quality, you can now have a pair of sunglasses to match each one of your favorite kilts. Oh, it’s not common to wear kilts golfing any more? What a shame. Regardless, matching sunnies to your performance knickerbockers and caddie cap is a huge FASHION win if you ask us. With a great selection of colors, flamingo and argyle prints, these golf shades will give you the pop of flair that you’ve been looking for. With all of that FUNCTIONAL, FASHIONABLE, FFORDABLE style, you’ll be able to focus on the game because you look fly and feel comfortable and confident. Because that’s right! ALL of our sunglasses are either $25 or $35 dollars! Probably should have led with that, but we were too excited. 

And, in case you aren’t yet the goodr fanatic you will soon be, reading all of our articles and lining up for all of our product launches, we want to let you know that goodr makes three styles of golf sunglasses. The OGs, which are inspired by a super classic frame style that originated in the 50s, are goodr’s signature style. The BFGs, which properly stands for Big F*cking Goodrs, as they are a larger model with enhanced silicon inserts. A great option if your melon is a little large or if you just like more coverage. Lastly, there are the ever-so-glamorous, The Runways, a sleek cateye shape with some extra grip. These beauties will surely make you look and feel like a model while you golf. Each style comes in its own version of argyle-printed, and flamingo-printed frames, in addition to an array of lovely solid color options. With so many choices at the best possible price, we wish you luck picking your favorite. It’s harder than you think.

4. Actually, we do have a fourth reason why goodr golf sunglasses rule the world: Protect yourself from getting shanked.

Accidents happen. Especially when chaos breaks free in the Back 9 Blackout. (You know, Chad. Chad ruins the day by having a few too many during the front 9. Insert eyeroll emoji.) Now, we knew what “shanking it” was, but here’s some research we did about the physics of a shank:  a shank happens when the golfer hits the golf ball on the innermost portion of the clubface, so far toward the heel that the golf ball is contacted by the rounded hosel. Most commonly, a shank results in a ball that shoots out to the right (for a right-hander) at a severe angle. Then you yell “Shanked it!” so at least people are aware that you know you suck. Awareness is the first step. It is at this moment that a ball to the eye is far too probable. Smart choice to wear goodrs old chap! Your eyes are safe, thank goodness. Oh no! Your lenses got effed in the process? No worries, even though you only forked over $25 bones for these puppies, goodr has a stellar customer service team that would love to take care of you if you give ‘em a good story (even better if you add a dog pic)! Feel free to embellish. And seriously, congrats on not losing an eye. Thankfully we have no returns as a result of an eye-shanking thus far.

black golf sunglasses

Here at goodr we can talk about FUN, FUNCTION, FASHION, and aFFORDABILITY probably longer than most sane humans (and intelligent flamingos), so we’ll be responsible “adults” and cut ourselves off here. As long as you can promise us one thing, the next time you’re in the market for extra rad polarized golf sunglasses, think about the Four Fs.

Note to the reader: when you start to shop goodr golf sunglasses you might be so dazzled by our 18 options, you may end up in decision fatigue and freeze up. If so, just click “add to cart” on every pair you’re considering and you’ll still end up under budget from what you’d spend elsewhere. FACT. (Ahhh! ANOTHER F WORD. FABULOUS! That’s another one, didn’t even mean to do that! Okay, we’re FINISHED.) (Ha.)

goodr golf sunglasses on men and woman


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