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Sport Sunglasses From goodr

goodr CEO Carl the Flamingo is infamous for his glamorous, boozy escapades to exotic remote islands. He’s a bird with a taste for adventure so extravagent that can usually only be satisfied on an extremely exclusive private island. But sitting atop an elaborately decked out beachside cabana on an island located in the center of the Bermuda Triangle– “SQUAAAAWK!” We’ve said too much, Carl is forbidding us from disclosing further details about the island’s exact whereabouts but just trust us that it’s fancy AF. 

Sitting atop his elite (REDACTED) in his (REDACTED) with his 666 exotic (REDACTED), he found himself growing tired of the same outlandishly indulgent tropical getaway. The extraordinary had grown so hopelessly everyday for him that he longed for a sweet, bland sip of the ordinary. So he went to the one place he thought could still make him feel something– anything– like joy: A suburban rec center.