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Orange Sunglasses

Carl the Flamingo: “Knock, knock?”

Poor sucker: “Who’s there?”

Carl the Flamingo: “Banana.”

Poor sucker: “Banana who?”

Carl the Flamingo: “Knock, knock!!?”

Poor sucker: “Who’s there!!?”

Carl the Flamingo: “Banana.”

...Repeat, repeat, eye roll…

Poor sucker: “STFU!!!!!!”

Carl the Flamingo: “ORANGE YOU GLAD I DIDN’T SAY BANANA!???”

It’s the oldest joke in the book. If you love this joke, you probably also love orange sunglasses. Is that a stretch? Nah, we don’t think so.

We’re here to tell you the top reasons why you need a pair of orange shades And because purchases feel better when you justify them with at least six solid reasons, we have decided to be overachievers (for once) and give you ten.