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We don’t know, can they? (Yes, they absolutely can, should, and sometimes must.) Why, you ask? When you’re on the field, you have enough to focus on without worrying about battling glare from the bright overhead light and squinting when those harmful UV rays are frying their way into your precious peepers.

We know what you’re thinking– the last thing you want is sunglasses slipping off your nose from sweat or bouncing off your face when you kick the epic game-winning goal. WE HEAR YA. That’s why our no slip, no bounce sunnies will stay put on your noggin no matter how much you sweat or how rowdy things get on the field (or in the bar after the game).

So, you’re ready to get a pair of active sunglasses. Huzzah!!! Welcome to crisp vision. You’re gonna love it. Can sunglasses actually change how well you kick? It depends. Do you use your eyes to see where the soccer ball is? Exactly. Let’s break down what sports sunglasses you should look for when finding the perfect pair of soccer sunglasses.

The best soccer sunnies will have the following:

  • Polarized lenses to reduce glare.
  • UV400 protection to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • Frames with a grip coating and a snug, lightweight fit to prevent slipping and bouncing.
  • Stylish frame shapes and colors that you’ll actually be excited to wear.

Cool, but those probably cost a fortune, right? NAH, DUDE. Our sunglasses start at just $25. That’s right, you can actually afford to have enough colors, styles, and backup pairs to keep you covered– even if you tend to misplace things (no shade, goodr’s avian CEO Carl the Flamingo regularly leaves all of his belongings strewn behind him on the walk from his weekly beach rave back to his vacation house).

goodr, obviously. Next question.

Just kidding, we love to ramble far too much for quippy two-word answers. Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s walk through the reasons why you should buy sunglasses for soccer at goodr. 

Each product we design at goodr needs to meet the Four Fs:

  • Fun
  • Fashionable
  • Functional
  • ‘Ffordable

If you’re playing soccer to have fun, it only makes sense to have fun gear, too, right? RIGHT. (We know it’s a wild concept.) So why waste time, money, and precious vibes on sub-par sunnies when you could roll up to the field sporting a pair of fun and vibrant shades you’re excited to wear?

Look, we get it. If your sunglasses are falling off your face, slipping around when you sweat, and barely even qualify as protective eyewear in the first place, that’s going to be decidedly un-fun. We were literally founded to create active sunglasses that were so stylish and fun you’d forget they were high-performance.

When you wear the best soccer shades, you’ll probably forget you have them on. That’s why our sunglasses (aka literally all of our sunglasses) have a snug, lightweight frame that won’t bounce and a special grip coating to prevent slipping when you’re sweaty.

You’re out there killing it on the field, working up a sweat, working up those sweet, sweet endorphins. You should look as good as you feel. (Unless you feel like sh*t, in which case it’s fair to aim slightly higher for your style goals.)

We’ve got tons of frame styles that all offer the same high-performance features, so you can focus on selecting the style that suits you best. 

Love cat eye sport sunglasses? (Yes, such a thing exists.) Check out our Breakfast Run to Tiffany’s black-on-black classic cat eye sunglasses. 

Love a retro-inspired hipster vibe with round sunglasses? Look no further than our Freshly Baked Man Buns Circle G sunnies. 

What if you love an aviator-style frame and want a bold, fiery pop of color? Check out our Captain Blunt’s Red Eye Mach G shades.

Want epic wraparound coverage for your extremely extreme soccer players? Try our SCREAM IF YOU HATE GRAVITY WRAP G wraparound soccer sunglasses.

Do you love a classic, timeless shape that’s effortlessly versatile? Check out our signature sunnies, the OGs. (And not to brag, but these guys kind of made us famous. It’s whatever.)

Want slim-fit soccer shades for petite players? Check out the LFGs, a frame style inspired by our OGs, but designed for smaller noggins!

What about our melon-headed brethren? YOU KNOW WE DIDN’T FORGET ABOUT YOU!!! Check out the BFGs to select wide-fit soccer sunglasses for bigger noggins.

Chill, but what about if you’re trying to channel your inner cyborg to dole out some futuristic whoop-ass on the field? Try our See You at the Party, Richter VRG shades!!

What about sunglasses for soccer players who are equal parts athlete and mathlete? Try our deeply scholarly PHG shades with a distinguished double bridge aesthetic to properly intimidate the other team with your giant brain.

We’ll let you in on a little secret… sunglasses don’t have to be wildly expensive to be high-performance, stylish, and fun. Instead of over-engineering sunglasses to jack up the price tag, our soccer sunglasses range from $25-$45. Yup– that’s as much as you’re going to pay for a pair of shades that are as fun and stylish as they are functional. No need to thank us, but Carl never says no to a shrimp cocktail.

Ahh, the dreaded debate: Do I risk having my prescription soccer glasses slide off my face and get trampled on by a stampede of cleats, or do I break down and get those soccer goggles? No shade to our beloved goggle-wearers. We want you to be unabashedly yourself, sports goggles and all. However, if you’re looking for the best glasses to play soccer, do yourself a favor and check out prescription goodr sunglasses!!!

Yup– you heard right. For select pairs of goodr frames, you now have the option to select prescription lenses in either a clear or tinted lens. You can finally play soccer with glasses without sacrificing style, performance, or shelling out for outrageously pricey frames and investing in prescription lenses. Okay, now you can thank us.