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OG is a slang term for someone who's incredibly exceptional, authentic, or "old-school." It can be earnestly used for a legend like Michael Jordan or more ironically, like for that friend who can unwrap a Starburst with their mouth. (As first read on, and confirmed by goodr.)

We’re not saying that our running sunglasses will turn you into Michael Jordan, but if you’re aspiring to be that friend who can unwrap a starburst with their mouth (while running perhaps?) we’ve got you covered. Okay, maybe don’t try that. That sounds dangerous. What you should try though, is wearing our OG running sunglasses on your next running adventure...

Our signature line of shades keeps the sun out of your eyes, stays in place while you run, and ultimately makes you look like an original gangster every time you’re wearing sunglasses. And who doesn’t want to be the running trails OG?! From A Ginger’s Soul to Bosley’s Basset Hound Dreams, our non-reflective lens technology, and polarized lenses for UV protection, are the perfect trail run accessory. Or taco run accessory. You decide. After all, you’re the OG runner.

You may not immediately think of hipsters as avid runners, but the rise of the Circle G is here to challenge that stereotype. These circle-lens, polarized running sunglasses are here to convert moody alt rock enthusiasts into Boston qualifiers. They are known to turn oat milk latte lovers into five-minute milers. On the rare occasion, the Circle Gs can even transform record-spinning, beanie-wearing, plaid-shirt-loving folks into Sunday morning long-runners. Ain’t that some sh*t. 

Skeptical? Grab a pair of these $25 round-framed running sunglasses and prepare to be transformed. You can still wear your beanie on your long run, though we do caution it can cause overheating in the summer. Whether you take to the roads or prefer trail running, you’ll be covered with UV protection, no slip, no bounce, and all polarized lenses. Embrace change!


Run (or fly) away at mach speed with goodr MACH G sunglasses. These polarized, aviator-style lenses stay put while trail running or running at new speeds - or not, nobody cares how fast you are going. This may be our take on the iconic Top Gun flick, but these MACH G aviators soar to new heights (on the trails or in life) on their own, making them the best running sunglasses in the game. No slip, no bounce, and hell no to face indents from those old school, plastic, cheap-o nose pads we all saw Maverick begrudgingly rockin' with shame.

The MACH G sunglasses were designed to optimize your performance while running, blocking out the UV rays to protect your squints, but in all seriousness, they look fly as hell no matter what you are doing. So if you would rather lounge back as dash-two in the cockpit of your private jet, sipping Dom Perignon with your pinky up, you do you. But make sure to invite us...after all, these are our MACH G sunglasses and YOU are wearing them, so you kind of owe us. You can thank us for all the compliments you are sure to get later.

It should go without saying that the Runways are among the top choices for the best running sunglasses. Don’t make us say why. Alright, we’ll do it...they’ve got the word RUN right there in the title. How did you miss that? We really put it on a silver platter for you. The Runways are where fashion meets performance..because it’s not enough to merely PR your next race. You need to have a perfectly Instagrammable picture to accompany that accomplishment.

These polarized Catwalk-styled sunglasses come in all sorts of different colored frame and lens combinations. So whether pink, black, tortoiseshell, or polka dot is your jam, we’ve got you covered. And for those days where you have a truly awful run, at least you’ll still look good and can fake it til you make it across the finish line, metaphorically or literally speaking.

Grab yours today for just $35. Scholars have claimed these to be the best running sunglasses in the game, guaranteed to make you feel fit and fabulous immediately after purchase. Is it science? Yes. Flamingo science.

Are you part of the BMC….Big Melon Club?  Have ever been referred to as “Melon Head” or “Dome Piece”?  Been told your Prominent Noggin has its own gravitational pull? Or been called Orange On A Toothpick?  One last clarifying question, just to help confirm you have a Colossal Coconut….does your bike helmet feel like a sock trying to squeeze over a soccer ball?

If you answered yes to any of these wildly technical sunglasses questions, then our BFGs are the perfect large sunglasses to compliment your glorious honeydew melon of a cranium.

You don’t need to be on PEDs to fit your Think Tank into goodr’s legendary BFG large sunglasses. The frame material is sturdy enough to work on your grandeur braincase and the polarized lens will protect your eyes…..even as the gravitational pull of your Einstein Crown brings the sun closer to your face.

But seriously, back to being called “Orange On A Toothpick”  as a child (insert spine-tingling shudder as the memories come flooding back,) then goodr’s That Orange Crush Rush were obviously designed for you and will create the greatest pairing since peanut butter met jelly.

If you’re like a lot of stubborn, gear-obsessed runners we know, you’ve probably procrastinated actually going out for your run by researching the various technology of assorted running items, including running sunglasses and reading every damn review you can get your non-sweaty hands on.

You could spend time researching polarized lenses, nose bridge pads, UV protection, and polycarbonate lenses among other boring, non-sexy topics. But ultimately we know you wanna look cool AF in your race pics and not like the other normies who are wearing goodr OGs (no shade to the OG fans though, but just saying your favorite flavor of ice cream is probably vanilla.)

This is where goodr’s VRGs step in. You could look like you’re running the 2031 edition of [INSERT NAME HERE] Marathon or [INSERT NAME HERE] trail running Palooza, while everyone else is stuck in 2021. AND the VRGs have all the same features as the tried and true OGs, no-slip, no-bounce, all fun.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “But goodr overlords, I’m not cool or fashionable enough to pull off this futuristic, sleek style.’ Well, YOU’RE WRONG. You are cool enough. You made it all the way to almost the bottom of this very long page, so that’s how we know you’re cool. Also because your favorite running sunglasses gave you the capability to time travel and thus invent

Are you an elite intellectual who requires your run gear game to be as brilliant as your big, brawny brains? Do you eat term papers for breakfast, graduate degrees for lunch, dean’s lists for dinner, and dissertations for dessert? Do you just want all the distinguished style of a fancy pants brainiac with none of the student debt?

Congrats my dear scholar, we created the PHG just for you. If the classy double bridge accent wasn’t enough for you, the comfortable lightweight frame with our special silicone inserts for extra grip and a no-slip, no-bounce frame makes these running sunglasses a no-brainer.

The perfect companion to our wide-fit BFGs for larger noggins, we created the LFGs to perfectly fit runners with smaller noodles and give them the same incredible no-slip, no-bounce high-performance active eyewear that all goodrs provide. You might think to yourself, “Ohhhh, I get it– goodr finally made a line of sunglasses for childr-” NOPE NOPE NOPE– WE’LL STOP YOU RIGHT THERE... Nothing against kids. In fact, we used to be them ourselves. But these sunglasses are specifically designed for adults who want slim-fit running sunglasses for their slender noggins and/or mini melons.

And just like our BFGs stand for Big F*cking goodrs, our LFGs are short for… you guessed it, Little F*cking goodrs. So yeah, definitely for adults. But if you’re looking for some slender fit sunnies to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays and get the full performance benefits of the rest of our goodrs, then this line of running sunglasses was made for you.

Oh– and did we mention we had them mirror our most popular sunglasses colors and designs from all of our models? Yup. We know great things can come in small packages, so we wanted to make sure our small-noggin brethren only received the best running sunglasses we could offer.

You’re a warrior. You love trail running on treacherous mountains, and road running on dirt roads leading up to bubbling active volcanos. You’re triumphant. Would you let fog slow you down? Never. Snow? Not on your life. Sleet? Hail? Tsunami? Nope. Nope. And NOPE. You’re a legend. You run at dawn, at dusk, in low light, bright light, and no light.

You need running sunglasses that can stand up to the extreme trail you’re blazing, blindfolded with a blowtorch in a snowstorm– uphill both ways. Did we kind of lose our thread there? You bet your sweet bippy we did. You need a pair of full wraparound sunglasses to give you ultimate protection and coverage from all the elements. You don’t just need UV400 protection, you need options for low-light conditions with an anti-fog coating so the path ahead is clear for dangerous, daring adventures.

Now you don’t have to sacrifice style for the extremely extreme functionality and performance you need. Equipped with two removable nose pads and anti-fog lens coating, the Wrap G is the only pair of running sunglasses extreme enough for an epic running legend like you.


One day “avid runner” Stephen Lease looked in the mirror and had an awakening: He looked like the biggest tool in the world. Lame hat, dorky shades, compression everything, giant arm sleeves, run belt with gels, and a performance diaper. (Okay, the performance diaper is an exaggeration, but everything else is true). "What the f*ck am I wearing right now?" he wondered.


They wore cheap sunnies from gas stations. There was a huge opportunity for stylish, fun, functional, affordable shades in the running space. This was the seed of goodr! (A pink, flamingo-shaped seed, watered with piña coladas.)

Stephen co-founded goodr with two friends from high school: recovering lawyer Ben Abell and biology major turned rappin' actress Keri Blunt. They created goodr’s brand: badass sunglasses that speak to the four F's. They also crafted the mission statement: We exist to give you permission to be unabashedly yourself… unless you're an a**hole. (And the mascot is a drunk kleptomaniac flamingo named Carl. It just makes sense, people.)

What makes goodrs great for runners? They have both the frame and polarized lenses with grip coating. They stay on your face. Whether you’re marathon training, treadmill running, or sprinting away from an angry bear, these shades won’t slip or bounce. Runners need to see the world around them to avoid obstacles and find low-key places to pee, poo, and vomit. The polycarbonate lens are polarized so you can see the world with maximum beaugorgity. (That means “beautiful and gorgeous,” we’re making up words again.) And the sunglasses block UV light!

In fact, UV protection is so good that the sun hates us. The sun is evil and wants to hurt your eyes with its harmful UV rays, but we won’t let it because you and your individual eyeballs are too uniquely precious to us. You’re welcome.

goodr makes $25 to $35 active sunglasses for everyone. The OG frames are our signature line with timeless style. Of course, runners come in all shapes and sizes, so we offer a variety of frames. BFGs (Big F*cking goodrs) perfectly fit runners with larger-sized noggins. Circle Gs (teacup frames) fit hipster runners who liked running before it was cool. Runways (cat-eye frames) fit fashionista runners. Mach G (aviator frames) fit runners who feel the need...the need for speed. VRG frames fit runners who time-traveled here from a dystopian future. PHGs for runners who double as mathletes. Wrap Gs for EXTREMELY EXTREME RUNNERS who want an EXTREMELY EXTREME wraparound shade. And finally, LFGs (Little F*cking goodrs), the slim-fit petite counterpart to our BFGs for our glorious peanut-headed loved ones.

We think it’s important to keep prices low, starting at just $25. Let’s face it, sunnies don’t last forever. When you use glasses actively, they get lost, stolen, snapped, scratched, immolated, blended, or exploded. It’s just part of life. Of course, we WANT your sunnies to last forever. We run meticulous quality control on every pair and include a microfibre bag for protection, plus detailed care & cleaning instruction cards. But life is unpredictable. One day they might get dinged. Why spend $200 on one pair of shades? How long do those things really last? And doesn’t it get boring wearing the same pair every day?

Our CEO, Stephen, likes to say that for $25 we can put a smile on somebody’s face. Runners need to smile because some aspects of running aren’t fun. (Like, for example, the running, HA.) goodr was created by runners who love to hate running and hate to love running, which explains RUN goodr’s mission statement: Running is fun?

When you’re embracing your authentic self, you have the energy to go that extra mile. Or the wisdom to know that you need to take a break. Either way, you’ll look like straight fire in goodr’s colorful frames. The names are also colorful, like Ginger’s Soul, Flamingos on a Booze Cruise, Amelia Earhart Ghosted Me, Influencers Pay Double, and Mai Tai Me Up, Daddy!

Our budget running sunglasses might put a smile on your face the moment you see the colorful box. (Hopefully, you don’t have problems with porch pirates. We’d like to rig the boxes so they blast glitter all over porch pirates, but alas, we haven’t perfected the technology yet.) It’s a pink and teal box full of tropical flamingomical vibes. (“Flamingomical” means “flamingo-like, “we’re making up words again.) Sure, you won’t need the snazzy packaging, but your cat will love it! Cats give our shipping and packaging a 100% approval rating. According to cats, goodr makes the best running sunglasses. If you disagree, then you hate cats (just kidding!).

Runners have a lot to think about, like cadence, fuel, form, chafing, foot strike, lactic acid, pace, pickups, splits, strides, and the 10% rule. (That means drinking beer 10% of the time during marathons, right?) Why not take complicated sunglasses off the table? At goodr, we believe running sunglasses should be simple: fun, fashionable, functional, and ‘ffordable. We love F words! (Especially one F-word that we yell every time we bonk.)