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Remix Series 03: Conquer the Noise

Remix Series 03: Conquer the Noise

BREAKING NEWS: Rare sighting of goodr's own kiwi bird, Ben Abell, the Law Dog and goodr co-founder. Okay, this news isn't that breaking seeing as it's a Remix Episode for the CULTURE podcast and the original was aired in January. But get excited to take a listen all the same because Ben joined SDL as guests on the Conquer the Noise podcast to discuss how partnerships can play out and what important features of goodr's culture keep us happy, healthy, and constantly growing in our personal and professional lives.

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If you always thought that the Chief Executive Octopus, Stephen Lease, was the lone founder of goodr, you better go back and listen to all of the previous CULTURE goodr episodes to educate yourself. Go on. We’ll wait.
Every octopus has to have his dog behind the scenes, keeping people and finances in line and reading those ridiculously long emails that make decent, short-attention span folk go cross-eyed. Ben Abell is the Law Dog of goodr and SDL’s friend since high school. In this REMIX episode, courtesy of Unconquered, they join Conquer the Noise podcast host Jonathan Hanson to talk about goodr as co-founders and partners.

While complementary skill sets are certainly required for successful partnerships, especially when starting a new venture like Stephen and Ben did with this crazy idea to make fun, fashionable, and ‘ffordable sunglasses, the true success comes from transparency and communication. This has been a core building block not only between them as co-founders, but with the rest of the company as the brand grew. One way it’s bled into the lasting culture at goodr is through the almost cult-like worship of Slack. Every flock, every project, every product launch has its own thread. This prevents forgetting to CC anyone on an email and then hearing about it days later with a backhanded comment in the office kitchen. It also releases us from the shackles of a never ending inbox which always would chafe more than a damp-with-sweat race-day shirt.

In addition to open communication channels, they’ve worked together to ensure that goodr isn’t just a product. It’s a place for people to develop and leave better than when they started. Through consistent feedback (both giving and receiving) and quarterly reviews, everyone knows exactly what is expected of them and no accomplishment goes uncelebrated.

The three main motivators of people play a key role in life at goodr. Derived from Daniel Pink’s book, Drive, the idea is that every person at goodr seeks accomplishment and growth in Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. Allowing people to be their own bosses, master skills that interest them, and do something that is bigger than themselves is a culture that emphasizes happiness instead of feeling self-worth is the number of hours put in, and health instead of mental fatigue or burnout.

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This episode of CULTURE goodr REMIX series was provided by Unconquered.

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Get to know the dynamic duo

Meet the hosts

stephen lease

Stephen Lease is the CEO (Chief Executive Octopus) of goodr and the co-host of the CULTURE goodr Podcast. Since Stephen co-founded the company in 2015, goodr has grown to over 140 employees, with award-winning sunglasses sold in more than 5,000 doors worldwide. Stephen’s spirit animal is an octopus, he’s soul-bonded with a basset hound, and he is 16% flamingo.

shaun tinney

Shaun Tinney is the Dean of goodr University (Head of Learning and Development at goodr) and the co-host of the CULTURE goodr podcast. When he’s not helping goodr employees level up their behaviors, he’s writing and performing music. Recently he released his first EP, Living Driven, about the quest for self-reliance, fresh perspective, and creative freedom.

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