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Bonus Episode 04: Black Friday, Cyborg Monday

Bonus Episode 04: Black Friday, Cyborg Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Cyborg Monday will look different this year. That’s probably a good thing. Listen to what goodr has in store as a brand that is constantly challenging the status quo. *SHHHH* This post contains subliminal messaging to make you buy more.

It’s dark. The chill air bites through layers of clothing that have been squeezed on after too much turkey and pie. The lack of sleep, anticipation, and sugar crashes from the last meal blend into a toxic hormonal mixture that can be heard in the grunts and groans of frustration as the crowd presses in. Faces appear at the frosty glass doors. Rabid. A superstore employee stares back and shudders. He is the chosen sacrifice. Somewhere a clock chimes the seconds that go by like a death knell. The tense atmosphere turns frenzied as the sound of a key in a lock echoes through the night and a voice rings out with forced bravado, “Black Friday has started. We are now open. Welcome to…” And human society as we know it crumbles under the footsteps of thousands.


Happy Black Friday! When we started goodr, it was just a side hustle of our founders who wanted to look cool on their runs, not like total d-bags. So it was easy to ignore what other companies did and give the middle finger to traditional business practices. As we grew, the pressures to comply with a consumer-driven calendar and remain relevant and competitive grew too. What the hell do we do with Black Friday Cyber Monday? What does a company with an already low price point product and little precedent for discounts do on this non-holiday? Say flock it and increase our sunglasses to $50?

Don’t worry. That idea didn’t fly.


This bonus episode focuses on our approach to BFCM and the marketing strategy behind it. Because, let’s be honest, we’re pretty awesome at marketing. That’s mostly due to the fact that our strategy and messaging reflects our culture. Since our culture embodies fun, authenticity, and challenging the status quo, we can be pretty damn relatable, friend.

In this episode you’ll hear from Schemin’ Demon Mike Eddy, Head of Strategy and Design, and Professor XPerience Dan Weinsoft, Head of Digital and E-Commerce as they discuss this holiday season for our customer base and how we’ve “goodrfied” the typical shopping experience. It just wouldn’t be goodr without a bit of outrageous fun and Carl’s non-family-friendly commentary.

We don’t want to give away too much, because you’ll just have to join in on the fun BUY GOODR SUNGLASSES this weekend. But here are a few teasers to tempt your curiosity and wallets.

...For starters, we think Carl is going to need a bigger boat...

How can we lean into our values and create something that’s uniquely goodr? This holiday is already super congested and chaotic and if we’re not doing something that speaks to us as a brand, we’ll get lost in the shuffle. So if discounts are off the table (deal with it. You’ll be getting a buttload of discount emails anyway), what is a creative way to still create that connection with the consumer? Mike claims the goal of this year’s strategy was to add value to the shopping experience and purchases as opposed to subtracting value from the goodr brand.

We’ve made mistakes in the past of coming to the BFCM table too late, rushing the promos, staying siloed in our efforts and communications. That only adds more chaos and speaking to our values, that is not having a very sharp axe. This year, don’t get in the way of the downswing because We. Are. Ready. Every flock has been involved working together to make this year happen. And we’re ready to crush it.

P.S. Remember "Crazy Eddy" from our September festivities... yup... this guy again!!!

man dressed as an opossum wearing goodr sunglasses
Dan’s goal for this year’s BFCM is to create a continuation of excitement and opportunity throughout the whole weekend instead of two separate days with separate deals. Imagine you’re cruising along, thinking you’ve taken advantage of all the greatest deals, good for you, you’re ready for the gift giving holidays, and POW! Freakin’ Susan with her awesome new goodrs showing off that sweet gift she got from Black Friday. And WHAT?! It won’t be available on Cyber Monday?! What. A. Scam.

We sell little $25 bundles of joy and the fun, hidden jokes, weird shit, and awesome gifts continue all weekend. The only difference is a slight shift on Monday, which we’ve now dubbed Cyborg Monday. Because, why not? Robots are cool. AND we have a very special surprise for all. It was something that has been BEGGED of us for years. A STARVATION that has DEPRIVED you of any enjoyment. You fans writing in IMPLORING us to provide… Well, we delivered. You finally have your stickers, damnit.

Now go listen to this podcast and while you're at it… BUY GOODR SUNGLASSES.
P.S. If you want to hear and see goodr's Chief Executive on Yahoo Finance, you can listen to that here! Enjoy!

* This episode of CULTURE goodr was edited by Cole DeBoer.