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S03E016: Golf Community Manager

S03E016: Golf Community Manager

In season 3, episode 16 of CULTURE goodr, Stephen and Shaun broadcast live from a boat off the coast of Amity Island. However, a piercing scream interrupts their banter. They look at the ocean, and see goodr copywriter/prop-mistress Tofutti getting attacked by a great white shark. “SH-SH-SH-SHARK!” cries Tofutti, as her blood stains the water. “OWWWIEEEE!!” “Hey!” says SDL. “You’re not dying on my watch!” “Nor mine!” says Shaun. “Heck yeah!” The hosts jump into the ocean and punch the shark in the f***ing face until it lets Tofutti go. Luckily, she only lost a leg and an arm, so she can easily be made into a cyborg by the mad scientists at Stephen’s secret mad lab- ohhhh no. This is all totally true but we have to keep it top secret. So, whoopsie!!! Let’s try this again.

In season 3, episode 16 of CULTURE goodr, Stephen and Shaun do a deep dive into GOLF goodr. Taylor, the Master of Flamingos, aka GOLF goodr Community Manager, joins the pod to talk about his vertical. For you non-golfers out there, “par” is the number of strokes an expert player is expected to make for each hole. If you score one under par, that’s a “birdie.” If you score two under par, that’s an “eagle.” If you score three under par, that’s an “albatross.” Notice the bird theme? However, if you score one OVER par, that’s a “bogey.” Nobody knows why they call it a “bogey.” (Boogers? The bogey-man?) Stephen thinks it’s because the Golf Gods want you to feel bad. But that’s a really good score for an amateur! Thus, GOLF goodr created the campaign, “It’s not a bogey, it’s a flamingo!” It fits the avian theme, and ‘flamingo’ sounds WAY better than ‘bogey.’ At GOLF goodr, we want to celebrate all of you flamingo golfers out there. SQUAWWWK!!!

In the lightning round, Taylor shares his deepest secrets: He’s named after the TaylorMade golf brand (seriously, his dad’s a golfer). He prefers The Godfather to Star Wars. His favorite ice cream is “gooey vanilla” from Jenny’s in Venice. He used to work for Adidas, doing community building in the running space. He’s never hit a hole in one, but one day, he got about four feet away from the hole, which is pretty freaking’ close!

Like the other CMs, Taylor’s in the Octovations flock. His role includes social media lead, community managing (duh), spearheading partnerships, working with the Flamboyance (goodr ambassador program), and talking to athletes to try to get our product on their faces -- like, for example, the LEGEND, Sergio García!!! WE LOVE YOU, SERGIO!!!

When Taylor discovered the GOLF goodr campaign, he thought it was hilarious. He loves scoring bogeys -- FLAMINGOS -- and sees golf as an inclusive sport. That’s why he created his favorite social initiative, Flamingo Fridays, celebrating flamingo golfers every week! (Yeah, we’re saying ‘flamingos’ a lot in this blog. Deal with it!!!) Taylor talks to the golf community both online and offline, asking how they see the sport moving forward and what they like from brands.These conversations always spark ideas, so Taylor recommends venturing into the real world. But that’s scary, so the copy team is going to stay in the goodr basement, thank you very much! The spider and rats are our friends!!!!

Taylor enjoys working with the Flamboyance because we let them be themselves. They express and present ideas that get heard. He also likes sliding into athletes’ DMs if he thinks they’re a good fit for the brand. Recently he really enjoyed working with Annie Park, a young LPGA athlete, who the GOLF goodr community LOVES. Taylor adds that his favorite partnership so far is with Palm Golf Co. But his dream partnership? To collaborate with his namesake, TailorMade, on a Flamingo-themed SIM driver!!! (Obvs.)

Taylor goes on in more detail to discuss golf, his role, and his Purpose Project, working with Youth On Course to make golf more accessible. SO STOP READING THIS TRASH AND GO LISTEN! In closing, Taylor shares three cheat codes for those in the golf space:

1) Don’t be afraid of a ‘no.’

2) What you like is what the people like as well .

3) Anything you put on is going to cook.

Gotta go -- Cyborg Tofutti just arrived at The Lagoon and rumor has it her robot arm and robot leg can shoot lasers and stuff. Gotta go check this out. See you next week!