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Polarized Sunglasses for Men

Sometimes, you just need to slide into the spotlight with shades that scream style and sleekness and panache and classy and– well, you get it, shades that make you look and feel hot AF. Welcome to our list of polarized sunglasses for men, where we transform your daily glare battle into a sweet boxing match you won’t have to overpay to watch on demand. (You’re welcome.)

We're getting deep into the treasure chest of polarized prowess, unearthing gems that are so flockin’ cool that even Carl the Flamingo would bedazzle his next tropical print bodysuit with them. So, if you’re ready to shield your peepers and blind your frenemies with a fierce reflection, keep reading.

A woman in black sunglasses with amber reflective lenses wearing a flame-patterned shirt and headband laughs. Three-quarter angle view of square-shaped black sunglasses with mirrored amber lenses.

Whiskey Shots With Satan

BEST SELLER A woman in a bomber jacket and brown tortoiseshell aviator sunglasses looks out, an airplane hanger reflected in the lenses. Three-quarter angle view of brown tortoiseshell aviator sunglasses with brown non-reflective lenses on a white background.

Amelia Earhart Ghosted Me

A woman in a short blonde wig wearing brown wood grain patterned circular sunglasses with brown lenses looks off, smiling. Three-quarter angle view of sunglasses with brown wood grain patterned circle frames, non-reflective round brown lenses.

Bodhi's Ultimate Ride


What Are the Key Features to Look For?

When it comes to kitting out your peeper protector arsenal, it's not just about picking the shiniest tool in the shed. You're on a quest for the best of the best sunglasses that'll make even the brightest days bow down in respect.

Here’s the lowdown on forging your sun-shielding weaponry:

  • Lenses: Dive into the heart of the beast with polarized lenses that stare down glare. These lenses absolutely obliterate all glare in sight, making sure you're always the one standing in the winner's circle of clear vision.
  • UV Protection: Your eyes are hella precious. Just look at ‘em. Look at those cute f*cking little eyeballs in your skull. Adorable. Keep ‘em safe with UV protection that blocks out treacherous rays faster than you blocked that roommate who broke your foosball table and tried to stage a break-in. (We all know it was you, Joshua. Stop embarrassing yourself.) It’s your personal guardian against invisible UV exposure, ensuring your peepers stay in the royal condition. All goodr sunnies come equipped with premium protection– UV400, that’s top-of-the-line baybeee.
  • Frames: Seek out frames forged in the fires of Mount Carl. AKA goodrs. Durability should meet design in this blend. Find eyewear that's as sturdy as a tank but looks like it rolled straight out of a high-fashion photoshoot.
  • Featherlight Weight: Keep your peeper on the lookout for lightweight frames that you'll forget they're perched on your nose. It's like wearing a cloud—if clouds made you look bangin’ as hell.

Pricepoint: Look, we get it– sh*t is expensive these days, even if you don’t have an unhinged flamingo CEO who blew half your annual budget on yachts and shrimp cocktails. When you’re breaking a sweat, the last thing on your mind should be stressing about not breaking your sunglasses. All of our shades are durable and high-performance, but we don’t jam in a bunch of unnecessary overengineering to jack up the price tag. goodr sunglasses start at just $25 (no, that’s not a typo), so if you play a little too hard and you hear a crunch when you land, you can replace your goodrs without breaking the bank.

What Are the Top Polarized Sunnies for Men?

Now that you know what to look for, let's explore the top picks for men that will have you turning heads wherever you go– goodr style, obviously. And before we go any further, we should also mention that you should wear whatever makes you happy. All of our sunglasses were designed to be unisex, so if we carry them and you like them, that’s the perfect pair of sunglasses for you.

All that said, here are some of our customers’ top pics for men’s sunglasses:

Going to Valhalla…Witness

These legendary sunnies are your one-way ticket to the halls of the gods. Crafted for the fearless and the bold, these shades won’t necessarily catapult you into warrior paradise, but they’ll make you look and feel cool enough to get the invite someday. The polarized chrome lenses are a nice touch, too!!!

Captain Blunt’s Red Eye

Enter Captain Blunt's Red Eye, where the vibe is always chill, and the style is as laid-back as a pilot taking a mid-flight nap during their third red-eye flight in a row. (Don’t worry, that’s what co-pilots are for. At least your co-pilot isn’t a sloppy flamingo– OH NO.) With polarized red reflective lenses, they're like a love letter to those who like their colors loud and their vibes louder.

Add the Chrome Package

Try being decked out in sunglasses so luxe, they make that fancy new sports car your brother-in-law won’t shut TF up about look like a toy. Add the Chrome Package is for the gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life– including eyewear that doubles as a mirror for checking out the scenery and your oh-so-delicious reflection.

Operation: Blackout

For the man of mystery, the one who moves through the world like a shadow without a single trace. These aviators are your cloak of invisibility and your shield, rolled into one sleek, no-nonsense package that says, "I'm here to do business, and my business is looking fine as hell!!!"

How To Buy Polarized Sunglasses for Different Face Shapes

Understanding shopping for face shapes with sunglasses can feel like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded, on a unicycle, wearing oven mitts. But fear not– we gotcha, dude. Peep the guide below to have this puzzle magically transform into a cakewalk (or a cake run for the athletically inclined.)

Round Face

If your face has a round shape to it, aim for sunglasses that balance out the softness and spice things up with angles sharp enough to cut through a ‘70s disco dance floor. Think square or rectangular frames that add a bit of edge, making your facial features pop like the bass line of that one song in the club you can never remember the name of but hum the whole next day.

Oval Face

Oval faces, it’s your time to shine. You have lots of flexibility with a facial structure equivalent to a universal charger, fitting almost any frame style. Sport, whatever makes you feel like a star. (Though if we’re being honest, that’s always true with any face shape.)

Square Face

With a jawline that could cut glass and cheekbones that are snatched as the day is long, soften your natural sculpted edges with the curves of round or oval sunglasses. They're the yin to your yang, offering a visual balance to your features.

Heart Face

For heart-shaped certified baddies with broad foreheads and petite chins, seek wider frames that complement your features. Square shapes (like our OG sunglasses) or cat-eye sunglasses like our Pop Gs or Runways are your best bet, accentuating your eyes and bringing balance to your look.

Diamond Face

You should reach for frames that hug the cheekbones without overshadowing your face’s natural contours. Rimless or oval frames perfectly illuminate your features without stealing the shine from your naturally bejeweled look. (NICE!)

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