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Carl the Flamingo: “Knock, knock?”

Poor sucker: “Who’s there?”

Carl the Flamingo: “Banana.”

Poor sucker: “Banana who?”

Carl the Flamingo: “Knock, knock!!?”

Poor sucker: “Who’s there!!?”

Carl the Flamingo: “Banana.”

...Repeat, repeat, eye roll…

Poor sucker: “STFU!!!!!!”

Carl the Flamingo: “ORANGE YOU GLAD I DIDN’T SAY BANANA!???”

It’s the oldest joke in the book. If you love this joke, you probably also love orange sunglasses. Is that a stretch? Nah, we don’t think so.

We’re here to tell you the top reasons why you need a pair of orange shades And because purchases feel better when you justify them with at least six solid reasons, we have decided to be overachievers (for once) and give you ten.
Girl wearing goodr orange sunglasses with blue lenses and blue shirt working out with orange kettlebell

1. Orange means happiness, creativity, and a trip to the tropics.

Don’t you want all of those feelings radiating from your face? Sign us up. Especially the trip to the tropics. Our CEO Flamingo, Carl, would certainly approve. Put him on a plane to Maldives, stick a piña colada in his hand and you’ll witness all three of those qualities at once. Orange is also said to represent enthusiasm, fascination, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. It is possible we took a bunch of “what color are you?” quizzes and compiled all of the answers about orange into this list with no regard for sources, but whatever. We’re a sunglasses company, so you should probably be taking this entire article with a splash of tequila, or grain of salt, you know what… add a squirt of lime while you’re at it. That’s how that saying goes, right?

2. Oranges have Vitamin C in them… these sunglasses do not.

The benefits of oranges are that they’re high in Vitamin C, prevent skin damage, help to lower cholesterol, keeps blood pressure in check, lowers the risk of cancer… errr dammit… Unfortunately, our sunglasses aren’t made with real oranges, and they are most certainly NOT edible. Please do not try. Our technology is not quite there yet. In an attempt to make sustainable sunnies we once heated and compressed orange rind into a liquid lava substance, and poured it into our frame mold. The result: moldy, crumbling sunglasses after a week of wear. So go eat an actual orange, and if you want to be cool, match your snack to your glasses. That’s the best we can do with this one.

3. Does your kleptomaniac sister have orange shades?

...We think not! Meaning, when she goes to steal your shades she is as good as caught… orange handed… hahaha, we’re hilarious.
Woman on bike with orange polarized sunglasses and an orange helmet

4. Be seen!

Everyone has black or tortoiseshell sunglasses. Boringggg. If you’re running, at a CrossFit competition, or chilling at the beach waiting for your Tinder date to appear (bold moves for a Tinder date btw…), orange sunglasses will stand the F out. In the best way possible. Because orange is such a bright and bold hue, it has become the go-to color for safety equipment and uniforms. The first instance of this was when the U.S. Navy employed it on their inflatable life jackets during World War II. What’s up history buffs? Of course, we’ve all watched “Orange is the New Black”… Oh you haven’t? Well, words of the wise… orange IS the new black. Prison jumpsuits are often designed in a vibrant tangerine color for a similar reason to those life vests-- if an incarcerated individual were to try to escape, that bright suit will make them easier to spot and recapture. Keep that in mind next time you’re acting like a fugitive.
Two men chatting while wearing goodr orange sunglasses and playing football

5. Van Gogh liked the color orange, so you should too.

Vinny van Gogh once said, “There is no blue without yellow and without orange.” This may suggest that he had a rough time in that preschool art class; Freud might say that this is the root of his struggles in adulthood. Vincent van Gogh was indebted to the color orange. He mixed his own orange hues and used them to contrast with the blues and purples he incorporated into his masterpieces. He was not alone in his love for orange. Artists like Monet, Gauguin, Renoir, and Toulouse-Lautrec created extraordinary visual effects with the color orange. While Monet painted it into sunsets, Toulouse-Lautrec used it to symbolize the energetic vibes of Parisian dance halls. Toulouse-Lautrec was an interesting character too. He loved booze so much that he hollowed out his walking stick to fill it with his favorite cocktail, the “Earthquake” (his invention). This was a mix of 1 part absinthe and 1 part cognac. A dangerous fact. So pop on a pair of orange shades and channel your inner artist… but maybe don’t channel Vinny or Lautrec too hard or you might end up blackout on the side of the track with your ear cut off. And TBH we’re not really sure how sunglasses would sit evenly on your face with one ear...

6. Repel snakes!

Well, actually, goodr orange sunglasses won’t be useful in repelling snakes. We’re sorry to mislead you here. The SSA (Sunglass Safety Association*) prohibits the use of realgar in sunglass manufacturing, as it is highly toxic and contains arsenic. For this reason, it was actually used by ancient Chinese civilizations to repel snakes. Realgar is one of the first forms of “orange.” It is a mineral with a yellow-orange hue and was also used to make pigments. The ancient Egyptians used realgar in their tomb paintings.

*To our knowledge, the SSA is a made up organization for the sole purpose of writing this paragraph.
A man and woman working out in orange glasses

7. A buddhist robe for your face.

We’re 99% confident that if the Hindu major deity Krishna was able to get his hands on a pair of goodr orange shades, he’d rock them harder than any mortal being on Earth (we can’t speak for the mortal beings on other planets).The use of orange, technically saffron, in Buddhism is connected with the pigments that were readily available to dye holy robes. Symbolically this color relates to perfection and the highest state of illumination. Orange is also thought to signify the quest for knowledge. Now ain’t that some powerful shit.
A man biking in goodr orange glasses

8. Celebrate Halloween.

Nightmare Before Christmas? Pumpkin Spiced Latte? Orange often makes people think of ghoulish gourds, aka the season of Halloween. Orange is associated with the fall harvest and warmth of autumn. It is a vibrant color which is experienced in nature only a few times a year, with the most notable being around Halloween. When paired with black, orange takes on a spooky edge. Thanks to black’s association with death, spirits and the underworld. Black spiders, black witch hats, black capes, black masks, black cauldrons… Oh wait… we’re not talking about black… just orange. If you like black, we do have quite the selection of black sunglasses, 21 and counting SKUs of black shades to be exact. We won’t even accuse you of being a goth or boring if you decide to stop reading about orange and decide to peep our most popular black sunglasses here.

9. Wearing the color orange could mean the support for these causes:

Another bonus to wearing the color orange in sunglasses form is that that typically, orange ribbons support and raise awareness for the following causes: self-harm, ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis, and Animal Cruelty. Seeing our CEO is a Flamingo who likely has ADHD, these causes are near and dear to his heart.

10. Other random facts about the color orange (and ultimately why you should buy orange sunglasses)

Orange sunglasses with blue lenses on a football helmet

goodr has two staples in our line of orange sunnies, with some incredibly rad ones planned for future launches. Let us introduce you to the fan faves:


These bad bois are BFGs. BFG stands for Big Fucking goodrs, although they aren’t quite big enough for the actual BFG. If you don’t know who he is, please get a library card and Dewey Decimal your way to the Roald Dahl section.

These sunglasses are made for people with larger heads. They have silicone grips on the nose piece and ears to make them stay EXTRA put no matter how slippery your face gets. We don’t want to know…
That Orange Crush Rush-BFGs-BEAST goodr-1-goodr sunglasses
Polarized + Wider


The little bro to the BFGs, errr, well, more like average sized bro, are these Donkey Goggles. They are our OG frame style. About as classic as you can get.

Both the Donkey Goggles and That Orange Crush Rush feature mirrored blue polarized lenses, providing that perfect color contrast that Vincent van Gogh loved so dearly.

Yeeeesh! That is A LOT of information about the color orange. We hope that it is enough to help you make an informed decision about purchasing our insanely cogoodr orange eyewear. The coolest thing about these sunglasses is that they’re designed to not slip, or bounce, whether you’re painting million dollar pet portraits, trick-or-treating, slamming down Earthquakes, running away from snakes, or out picking oranges. And for the unbeatably low price only $25 you truly might as well have a pair of sunglasses in this wonderfully fantastical color.

Large orange performance glasses for working out, running, biking, and big heads


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