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mountain bike sunglasses


We’ve got tons of frame styles ranging from our BFGs or MACH Gs that fit wider noggins, to sunnies like our LFGs and Circle Gs that provide a comfier fit for petite noggins– plus frames for every head shape in between. And with over 100 color options to choose from, you’ll always have the perfect combo to complete your tricked out kit. Want something vibrant with a classic aviator-style shape? Try the It’s Octopuses, Not Octopi MACH G sunnies to fulfill your inner need for speed. Do you have more of a refined biking vibe? Go for the classic brown tortoiseshell sunnies Bosley’s Basset Hound Dreams, our top selling pair from our signature line of sunnies, the OGs. Maybe your looking for something to rock in low light conditions with next-level performance and stunning style? Our rose-tinted low light lens WRAP G Extreme Dumpster Diving will be your sunnies soulmate. We’re of the strong opinion that regardless of how you like to ride, your sunglasses should be fun. Check out our full collection of cycling sunglasses to mix and match your way into a perfect collection of shades. Go ahead and build your own stock pile. We don’t judge.

Vegan Friendly Couture-The Runways-RUN goodr-4-goodr sunglasses Vegan Friendly Couture-The Runways-RUN goodr-1-goodr sunglasses

Vegan Friendly Couture

A man in a possum outfit wearing clear wraparound sunglasses with a rose-tinted single lens looks into the distance. Three-quarter angle view of wraparound sunglasses with clear frames and a rose-tinted non-reflective single lens.

Extreme Dumpster Diving

A woman wearing a hazmat suit and neon yellow sunglasses with a reflective gray lens looks fiercely ahead. Three-quarter angle view of wraparound sunglasses with a gray reflective lens & neon yellow frame & green inner grips.

Nuclear Gnar



So now that you know how deeply dope having sunglasses for mountain biking are, you might be worried about blowing your next paycheck on an aggressively stacked pair of mountain biking sunglasses to score all those sick features. WELL, WE’VE GOT GOOD NEWS. We’re not big on needlessly marking up prices on a good pair of stellar active sunglasses. Our active sunglasses start at just $25, so you can try them out for yourself, fall madly in love with them, propose marriage, panic about committing to just one pair of mountain biking sunglasses for your entire life, tell the sunnies you maybe rushed into this but you still want to keep them in the rotation, remember they’re an inanimate object and can’t respond, then buy yourself a few more pairs to perfectly match every look. Oh and even after that, you’ll still have plenty of paycheck to spare. Carl strongly recommends donating to his shrimp cocktail for needy beach birds fund. Morally, we have to caution you against it.


You love adventure. Thrill is your middle name. Or Danger. Or maybe a hyphenated combo. Take the road less traveled (because it’s hella bumpy and high key terrifying) and feel confident your sunnies will stay in place with our no-slip, no-bounce active sunglasses. How do they stay in place so well? Our frames are created to have a snug fit and special grip coating to keep them put no matter how wild you get on the trails. Want to get REAL extreme with it??? Check out our WRAP Gs and get the added protection of full wraparound sunglasses with an anti-fog coating and lens options for bright light or low light conditions. Oh and did we mention that our polarized lenses protect your precious peepers from those harmful UV rays. So go ahead and get wild. After all, your parents didn’t name you thrill-danger for nothing.

About goodr

We exist to give you permission to be unabashedly yourself… unless you’re an @$%*^!&. We make the best sunglasses, for only $25 and $35, that speak to the four F’s: Fun, Fashionable, Functional, and Ffordable. They don’t slip or bounce while running, beasting, biking, golfing or gaming… but if you’re an @$%*^!& they might burst into flames so watch out.

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