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Lightweight, Fun, Functional.

goodr sunglasses work great on a bike. They work particularly well on bikes with giant Falkor heads attached, but the goodr STI (Scientific Testing Institute) also boasts that they're great for mountain biking. With fun colors and a variety of lens options, you're new fave trail accessory is just a click away. Bonus: you can wear them over or under the strap. (Although, we all know the correct answer is over...)

What's your style?

We have shades, for big heads, normal heads, heads like that colorful things, and heads that like to keep it #basic.

We love our golf lenses for mountain biking!

What? That's CRAZY! Golf and mountain biking are like the two most opposite things on the planet. Not true. They both require sunglasses that have the amazing ability to amplify contrast when in shady and sunny conditions. This is a big ask for a pair of sunnies. goodr has dubbed our golf-specific lens technology: Flamingo Eye™. See the TeeEmm, it's legit. All the HD contrast and performance without any of the self-importance.

Cycle with Flamingo Eye™

Because you got the eye of the flamingo, it's the thrill of the ride. That's what Survivor really meant when they wrote that song, but everyone thought tigers were more badass so... alas... now you know.

Polarized + Wider


It's All In The Hips


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Polarized + Wider


Grip It And Sip It


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Start a boy (or girl) bike band

That's what these fellas did. They exclusively wear matching goodr sunglasses while mountain biking and cycle miles into the woods to jam out to obscure rock. The highest form of inspiration right there.


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