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Are you someone who is always looking to be unique? Go against that beautiful rosewood grain? In order to make that statement you must start with the proper eyewear!

Introducing goodr’s Circle G round frame sunglasses. We know hipsters don’t normally like being told what to do, however, if you’re trying to be remotely hipster, these circle sunglasses are what’s going to take you from semi-hipster to ultra-hipster. Trust us. (And don’t worry, you won’t have to admit to any of it, because we know the number one rule of being a hipster is to always deny being a hipster. Deny. Deny. Deny.)

** Warning: We may reference some common hipster stereotypes, if you think you’re going to be offended, stop reading, grab your guitar, and go strum yourself to sleep in your bathtub with the lights off.

You might be here because you found yourself asking: What are the coolest sunglasses? And what are the most popular sunglasses right now? Luckily, the answer to both questions is: goodr's new round hipster glasses, that's what.

Wikipedia defines “hipster” as a “subculture that emphasizes style, authenticity and uniqueness.” Guess what! Style and authenticity are core values here at goodr (as well as FUN, if that isn’t clear by now it should be by the end of this blog post). SO TAKE THAT. WE’RE HIP TOO. Wikipedia goes on to explain that members of this subculture don’t typically self-identify as “hipsters” and being “hipster” can be seen as being pretentious or overly trendy. WELL. You know what we say to that?! A big ol’ middle finger. Because you can never be too trendy. So grab your skinny jeans, checkered shirt, slap on your mustache and beard, and let’s talk about why you need these particularly amazing hipster sunglasses.

Round goodr running sunglasses for men and women

The Circle G is goodr’s newest sunglass frame style. It is served up in six fresh color options and differentiates itself from our other styles with its sleek circular frames and round lenses, so whether you're looking for mens hipster glasses or womens hipster glasses, we've got you covered! This new frame style comes with mirrored reflective lenses and has a non-reflective lens option as well. To be honest, we couldn’t decide which lens style is hipper. Carl the Flamingo, goodr’s CEO, is a big fan of the mirrored round lenses. We suspect that’s because he drinks a lot and the mirrored lens hides the drunk look in his eyes. However, our non-reflective tortoiseshell round frame sunglasses quickly became our number one seller... so it really comes down to personal preference.

To help convince you that goodr sunglasses are the best way to level up your hipster style, or wannabe hipster style, let’s talk about all of the non-mainstream things hipsters like to do that involve wearing sunglasses. Oh! And FYI, before we get too deep in this-- goodr sunglasses can also be turned into prescription glasses or sunglasses. Just take them to your ophthamopple...optimma...tomma… eye doctor.


Time to hipster up!

Midnight Ramble at Circle Bar-Circle Gs-RUN goodr-1-goodr sunglasses

Midnight Ramble At Circle Bar

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Nine Dollar Pour Over-Circle Gs-RUN goodr-1-goodr sunglasses

Nine Dollar Pour Over

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Freshly Baked Man Buns-Circle Gs-RUN goodr-1-goodr sunglasses

Freshly Baked Man Buns

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1. Wearing sunglasses is helpful when seeing live music, preferably with bands like Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, and really anyone who will sing a sad song about being a vegetarian. Oh what’s that you say? You like EDM too? And that band nobody knows that only uses auto-tuned horse noises? Cool, noted.

Ever attend one of these shows at an outdoor venue and have to squint at the stage? Coachella anyone!? WondToo drunk to remember the squinting… fair enough. It’s time for you to get some funky festival sunglasses, because you know what that squinting does??! Besides wrinkles, it causes lots of wasted eye-fatigue. You probably bought six more Nine Dollar Pour Overs (the coffee, not the sunglasses, but it seemed like a good place to link-up these rad hipster sunglasses, because the name just fit too perfectly) than you needed because you tired your eyes out by staring down that favorite indie rocker of yours without protecting your peepers. goodr circle sunglasses offer optimal protection from the sun. Our lenses offer 100% ultraviolet light protection, protecting against UVA and UVB rays. In addition to that, they’re polarized, which means even less squinting! Polarization on eyewear cuts down the glare on objects by blocking the horizontal light waves. What’s better, is that ALL of our round frame sunglasses feature polarized lenses! Yup, you don’t even have to pay extra for polarization. Save those pennies for your third hole-in-the-wall coffee shop stop later today.

tortoiseshell round polarized sunglasses on a woman

2. Rumor has it, hipsters like to ride bikes. Yes, how is that fixie holding up?

Guess what, goodr circle frame sunglasses are also GREAT for biking! See how we put “GREAT” in all caps? That’s because they really are GREAT for biking. goodr sunglasses were originally created with runners in mind. When you’re running you want sunglasses that stay on your face and do not bounce. That’s what these hipster glasses frames are all about. No slip. No bounce. All polarized. Wearing sunglasses while cycling is also beneficial when it comes to protecting debris from flying in your eyes. Not to mention, that concrete reflects the sunlight more than you think. Trust us, your eyes will be happier when protected. You know what they say, happy eyes = happy hipster. Do they say that? They should.

3. The internet is filled with pictures of hipsters carrying an axe. What hipsters do with that axe, we’re not sure.

Many believe that the axe is one of the sexiest hipster accessories, after hipster sunglasses of course. It’s the “lumbersexual” lewk, and as long as you’re not using it to murder your brunch date, we’re okay with it. Perhaps you took up blacksmithing? Maybe you just want to be prepared to chop up that perfect organic watermelon you’re planning on buying later that day at the farmer’s market. Whatever your motive behind axe carrying is, double down on the style with a pair of goodr round glasses for men. Might we suggest you match your axe to these black round frame sunglasses? They’re named Midnight Ramble at the Circle Bar, after the hippest bar in Santa Monica, California.

black round mirrored sunglasses on a man and woman in front of a bar

4. Round polarized sunglasses are great for all of your urban farming initiatives.

It is HILARIOUS that “urban farming” became a thing of the hipsters. Pretty cute that they think they did it first... Egyptians and Mesopotamians, the Mesoamerican civilizations, all used some form of domestic small scale cultivation to supply food for their families. You’re not original this time bro! However, we commend the initiative, it’s nice knowing where your food comes from. So, when you’re on plant patrol, you know, making sure no pesky little insects sneak their way into your thriving strawberry plant and demolish it, put on a pair of goodr round shades. The technology in our lenses enhances visual contrast, so those plant munching buggers won’t stand a chance.

5. Hipsters may not always know what they’re protesting for, but they’re out there!

Hipsters love an “occupy movement.” Remember the “The Hipster Cop” phenomenon at Occupy Wallstreet back in 2011? Look him up, he had the look down. Although, Ralph Lauren was his designer of choice, and he didn’t quite seem like the thrift shopping type... Regardless of how much he paid for his clothes, the only thing he was missing was the proper eyewear: a pair of goodr Circle G sunglasses.

6. Wearing goodr circle sunglasses while eating artisan grilled cheese and drinking kombucha is guaranteed to help bring out that funky cheese/fermented mushroom taste you love.

Yeah, we can’t guarantee that. Sorry. However, these Freshly Baked Man Buns yellow frame sunglasses would match your meal quite nicely! Oh, you’re vegan? Avocado toast works in this scenario too, because vegan cheese just seems silly. It’s really all about having that delicious freshly baked bread, and if baked by a dude in a man bun, even yummier!

yellow hipster sunglasses with blue mirrored reflective lenses on man and woman

7. You can’t write poetry in the park if you’re straining your eyes while writing in your handbound leather notebook complete with handcrafted recycled paper.

In order to write poetry, you need to be comfortable. This is the only way the words will properly flow. In order to be comfortable, your eyes need sunglasses! Seriously! “I love the sun blasting me straight in my pupils!” said no one, ever. Unless you prefer to do your poetry writing in a dark basement, these circular shades are exactly what you need.

8. Not many cats have the ability to walk on a leash, but if you’re a hipster, you’ve probably tried.

The idea of walking a cat on a leash is AMAZING. IF ONLY it worked. Cats, obviously less mainstream than dogs, are the hipsters’ choice of pets. Therefore, it’s only best practice to try to ironically walk them like dogs. Nine times outta ten this will go wrong. In which case, mirrored sunglasses are your best bet. You don’t want people seeing your eyes while little Bartholomeow digs his claws into the sidewalk. Ouch, that sounds painful, and might look like cat abuse to the general onlooker. Best to protect your identity while in these early training stages. Oh, you like the name Bartholomeow? Thank you. Giving cats ironic names with a human quality to them is also pretty hip if you ask us.

9. Still got that axe? Well get that and your circle frames ready, because we’re going to the farmer’s market!

Yup, when the bugs destroyed your urban farming initiative it meant the next best thing, hitting up the local farmers market. You’re on the hunt for the biggest juiciest most obscure strain of melon to hack the fuck open with that schmancy axe of yours. Finally, an opportunity to actually use it. You’re going to look stylish AF while you do it too, because you’ll have these I Pickled These Myself goodr sunglasses on. Why did we pick this particular pair to rock at the farmers market? Isn’t it obvious? Pickling inspo. A true hipster would pickle that melon. Just sayin’.

hipster man wearing teal sunglasses while pickling

10. Once the mission is accomplished at the farmer’s market, it’s time to bop from yard sale, to flea market, to thrift shop, to swap meet. How else would a hipster be able to achieve the homeless chic look?

Looking homeless isn’t the hard part, it’s achieving “chic” status. That’s where these round goodr sunglasses come in. In fact, this particular pair of pink round sunglasses is aptly named, Influencers Pay Double, because once you pop these beauties on your face you might get mistaken for someone with a verified blue check badge next to their IG handle. We gave influencers a chance to actually pay double for these affordable $25 sunglasses, and nobody took us up on it. Go figure. “Wait, did you say that these sunglasses are only $25 bucks!??” Why, yes, yes we did, thanks for asking. goodr is all about affordability. This also makes it possible to have unique eyewear that matches every checkered shirt and beanie you ever bought without selling your little black hipster soul. Back to the original point, in order to pull off the A.B.U. (already been used) look, you need a splash of something fresh, something new, and for that, goodr is here for you.

girl wearing pink hipster sunglasses with mirrored lenses

11. Lastly, mirrored lens circle sunglasses look extra hip when worn sipping either a super heady craft beer or PBR. Depends on what kind of beer drinking hipster you are. We recognize that these are very contradicting choices.

When we said, A.B.U. in the last paragraph it got us thinking about I.P.A. and I.B.U. and A.B.V. and then our mouths started to water a little, thinking about a cold refreshing beer. (India Pale Ale, International Bitterness Unit, and Alcohol by Volume in case those acronyms confused you). We’re not really keeping count of these units, but the hipsters in the world probably are, and if they’re not, Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle G! What does that even mean!? We’re not sure, you’ll have to click the link to find out.

This concludes our ramble on hipster-y stereotypes and how our new hipster frames, Circle G sunglasses should ultimately be a part of your life-- whether you’re a hipster or not. Aw, we know, eleven is such a strange number to end a list on. 3, 5, 10, 12… those are good list numbers. But that’s not what a hipster would do. A hipster ultimately would do whatever the F they want. And that’s what you should do too. Wearing goodr sunglasses gives you permission to be unabashedly yourself. Unless you’re an asshole. And remember, hipsterishness is 100% a state of mind, but if your mind isn’t fully there, goodr’s round sunglasses will at least get your face to hipsterdom. Now either keep perusing this unbelievable website, or go pickle something. Anything. Except your cat. That’s not cool.

clear frame round goodr sunglasses being worn by a man


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