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goodr Launches New Line of Gaming Glasses With Blue-Light Blockers That Will Solve All Of Your Problems

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Sunglasses brand goodr is thrilled to announce GAME goodr, a new line of gaming sunglasses. Because gamers go outside too. Also, they saved Princess from the evil -- ohhh wait. Nope. She’s in another castle. Never mind. GAME goodr joins fellow verticals RUN goodr, BEAST goodr, BIKE goodr and GOLF goodr.*

The 8-Bit Line features eight colorways inspired by retro games. (Sorry, Fortnite fans.) Five of them contain Blue Mirage Technology (aka blue light blocking glasses aka blue blockers aka gaming glasses) because allegedly, blue light is bad for your eyes and protective gaming glasses are the way to go. And allegedly, these shades will solve all your problems and help you live forever.

Step right up, folks!

Give ‘em a try! Can you afford not to?!?!?!

The eight gaming eyewear styles are named Professional Respawner, Side Scroll Eye Roll, Wakka Wakka Wakka Wakka, Modern Day Snake Oil, Blue Shades of Death, Insert Coin to Continue, Rage Quit and Hit It, and It’s Not Just a Game. They all feature polarized lenses and won’t slip or bounce while throwing fireballs, shooting aliens, or eating way too many pellets.**


...And when they do, they most definitely wear goodr sunglasses.


The OGs

Wakka Wakka Wakka Wakka



The OGs

Side Scroll Eye Roll



goodr launched in 2015 and is renowned for making fun, affordable sunglasses. The brand won Runner’s World Gear of the Year twice, plus PGA Buyer’s Choice, Men’s Health Best Buy, Rolling Stone’s Favorite Sunglasses For Athletes, GQ’s Best Sunglasses of 2020, and Inc. Magazine’s Best Places To Work.

In celebration of the 8-Bit Line, goodr CEO Carl the Flamingo said, “SQUAAAWK!” This roughly translates to: “What do you want? I’m going for 100% completion in RDR2. A quote about GAME goodr? They’re great! The complete opposite of the E.T. Atari game. And now we’re one step closer to making me a playable character in Super Smash Bros.”


Because we wouldn't launch a new vertical without making a cinematic masterpiece. That'd be flocking crazy. BTW, earn bonus points by sharing this with your friends. We dare you.


Whether you're in the market for blue blockers, polarized sunnies, or both, these gaming glasses are ready to unlock some big achievements! Priced at $25 and $35 your eyes deserve pampering after all of that screen time.

Rage Quit and Hit It

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Discover the magic behind each pair of these uniquely named glasses.

Modern Day Snake Oil Origin Story

Hey, you there! Yes, you! I can tell by your savvy intelligence AND your striking beauty that you know the...

Rage Quit and Hit It Origin Story

While renovating Leonardo Da Vinci’s 15th century palace Château du Clos Lucé, officials discovered a secret “man cave” in the...

Professional Respawner Origin Story

  Dear Hiring Manager, As an impatient gamer who rushes into battles without any real plan, and a stubborn perfectionist...

It's Not Just a Game Origin Story

“It’s JUST a game?! Really? Really? It’s JUST a game?! Would you say that to LeBron James after losing the...

Wakka Wakka Wakka Wakka Origin Story

Hello! -- Wakka! Where is the bathroom? -- Wakka wakka wakka wakka? Do you speak English? -- Wakka wakka wakka...

Insert Coin to Continue Origin Story

Dear Elon Musk, We know you’re busy recording terrible EDM songs and getting high with Joe Rogan, but we were...

About goodr:

We exist to give you permission to be unabashedly yourself… unless you’re an asshole. We make the best gaming glasses that are badass, only $25, and that speak to the four F’s: Fun, Fashionable, Functional, and Ffordable. They don’t slip or bounce while running, beasting, biking, golfing or gaming… but if you’re an asshole they might burst into flames so watch out.

*Take a shot every time you see the word goodr!

**Fun fact: goodr has a Ms. Pacman arcade game in office, and new hires compete in a tournament during onboarding week! Whoever gets last place is fired. J/K.***

***J/K only about the firing... the tournament is legit.

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Blue Shades of Death Origin Story

Do not panic. According to our IT Guy, the solution is to turn the sunglasses off, then turn them back...

Side Scroll Eye Roll Origin Story

If you play side-scrolling video games, then you are at high risk for contracting Side Scroll Eye Roll Disease. Here...