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Volleyball Sunglasses

Good question!!! We’ll break it down by the essential categories here... 

No Slip. No Bounce.

First off, you need your volleyball sunglasses to stay on your face no matter how intensely you dive, sweat, spike, or serve. That’s sort of the whole point of sports sunglasses, right? That’s why all goodr sunnies have a special grip coating to prevent slipping and a lightweight, snug fit to stop them from bouncing no matter how wild you get on the court.

Polarized Lenses with UV400 Protection

Glare? It’s not great for your game. Get polarized lenses that filter out horizontal light waves that bounce off the sand and try to pelt you in the cornea. So remember– if you need the best sunglasses for sand, keep polarized sunnies top of mind. 

Also, you ALWAYS want to keep your eyes safe from UV radiation. UV400 protection is the best in the game. And the best part? All goodr sunnies come with both UV protection AND polarized lenses!!! Eyeballs everywhere, rejoice!!!

Full-Coverage Sunglasses

Ever wonder why beach volleyball players wear big sunglasses? Volleyball is obviously an active sport. More coverage means you’ll be protected from all angles no matter what weird position you end up in trying to dive for the ball. We recommend checking out our WRAP G full wraparound sunglasses for the extremely extreme volleyball player who wants extremely extreme coverage.

 Not ready to commit to the full-wrap look? Check out our BFGs, Mach Gs, or VRG options!!! But what about those wanting a more classic look with unbeatable protection? Our Circle Gs and OGs are just what you need.

Are Polarized Sunglasses Good for Beach Volleyball?

Short answer: You bet. But for a little more detail… polarized sunglasses have a lens coating that blocks horizontal light waves to block glare and give you crisper, clearer vision. And you know when you look at a sandy volleyball court and all that bright overhead sunlight makes your eyes scrunch up? That’d be those horizontal light waves coming in to mess with your game. Polarized sunglasses 

Are Women’s Beach Volleyball Sunglasses Different From Men’s Beach Volleyball Sunglasses?

Nope!!! Gender is a spectrum, but everybody loves high-performance volleyball sunglasses that won’t slip or bounce. Then how do you choose the perfect which pair to go for?!? Think about what style, color, fit, you want your volleyball sunglasses to have. Do you like bright-colored sunglasses and have a larger noggin? BAM– we’ve got our Do You Even Pistol, Flamingo? BFG sunglasses in a vibrant pink with blue polarized lenses and a wide fit for larger heads.

Do you prefer classic black sports sunglasses with a sleek, stylish profile? BADDA BING! Try A Ginger’s Soul OG sunnies for that timeless vibe. What if you love tortoiseshell volleyball sunglasses? YAZOW!!! Peep our Amelia Earhart Ghosted Me Mach G aviator sunglasses or our Nine Dollar Pour Over Circle G sunnies. Basically, wear whatever makes you happy.

Do You Need Expensive Sports Sunglasses to Play Beach Volleyball?

Who said high-performance beach volleyball sunglasses needed to be expensive?!? (Spoiler alert: people who sell overpriced sports sunglasses.) We’re not saying you should exclusively look for cheap volleyball sunglasses– but you should know what you’re looking for when you shop. You definitely want to get active sunglasses that won’t slip or bounce and you’ll want to find polarized sunglasses with UV400 protection– but that doesn’t need to be expensive!!!

The best sunglasses for beach volleyball will do the following:

• Fit great
• Stay in place
• Keep your eyes protected.
• Make you feel like a bad ass.

And we’ve got sunglasses that check every box on that list starting at just $25!!! What will you do with all that extra moolah??? That’s up to you, but a certain flamingo CEO strongly recommends piña coladas for all beach-related activities…