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Visit the 2021 Marathon Series: Postcard Edition

Virtual or not, you can still rock your favorite marathon while sporting these slick sunnies inspired by 8 cities we love (well, 7 cities and 1 continent).

Whether you're creating a ditch in your backyard with the 8,000 laps it takes for Strava to hit 26.2 or showing off your most breathable mask while waiting for your watch to find a satellite at an IRL starting line, don't forget the most crucial part of your running accoutrement: The award-winning polarized goodr running sunglasses that won't slip or bounce while you show 2021 what's what.

Coming soon!

Check out our race schedule and get ready for these sweet shades to drop.
New York Marathon Postcard
New York Marathon Running Sunglasses
Antarctica Marathon Running Sunglasses
Antarctica Marathon Postcard

Whatever race or races (lookin' at you over achievers out there) you choose, goodr is with you for every step, every mile, and post-run beer (especially the beer).

marathon running sunglasses postcards

Procrastinating from a run?

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